WANTED: (new gardener) looking for missouri native

ArossmanFebruary 26, 2005

...uh oh, a new kid asking for more handouts!! ;o)

yes, i am a new homeowner and new to gardening. If you are a KC or other missouri resident i am looking for someone wanting to thin out their garden or have some plants to share! I really like the idea of using native plants.

i hope that eventually i will be able to pass on the favor to another. I am gracious and very appreciative of all! I have a few minor things to trade, but might not interest the experienced gardeners... If in my area, i would consider a trade for a few hours help in your garden!

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I have some Liriope spicata (a Missouri native) I'll send for postage, if that's of interest...a few go a looooong way.

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If I would of seen this post earlier, I would of gladly given you some items. Right now with the heat and lack of rain I would hold of planting stuff unless you really want to 'baby' it. I will probably be dividing some daylilies and hostas this fall and you would be more than welcome to them. Feel free to send me an email around Labor Day and we can meet up. I'm in the Overland Park area.

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Amber_KC(Z6 MO)

Thanks for the great offers and emails! I was adopted by a neighbor just across KC who gave me a tour, many-many-many garden boosters. I could not keep up with them all! you should have seen me following around with masking tape trying to remember the directions and marking everything! I hope that my garden is full and fun so that i can pass on the generosity.

The best part? When i thanked her - she reminded me that gardeners cannot accept thanks for something nature made! I'll pass my thanks on by sharing cut flowers with friends next year when they are blooming.

Thanks again for your offers but i would be greedy to accept any. Consider putting a note out to adopt a new/novice gardener - it meant the world to me!

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Be sure to check out Longview Gardens Greenhosue. When I lived there they were a great place to get good advice and they always had a good selection and got new things in all the time. Also they would tell you what would or would not grow well in the area. Be prepared to water water water until things get established. Also depending on what part of KC you are in be prepared to harvest rocks... with the freeze and thaw cycle they work them selves to the surface every so often. So take care when digging.

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I am thinning my iris beds...would you like some (some white and light purple in color). I would be will to just send you some just to help get you started

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