Enjoying the Harvest

soilent_greenJuly 27, 2013

Top photo shows purple beans and cherry tomatoes rubbed in olive oil grilling on a bed of my homemade lump charcoal. They were the side vegetables for grilled burgers. I LOVE grilled cherry tomatoes.

Bottom photo I call my "Midwestern Stir Fry". Ingredients were broccoli, turnip, kohlrabi, onion, shallot, garlic, purple cabbage, green and yellow sweet pepper, thai chili pepper, green, purple, and wax beans. The meat was venison backstrap. All the vegetables came fresh from my gardens with the exception of the carrots - they are not ready to harvest yet so I used a jar of my canned carrots from last year. Only things that were storebought were the rice and noodles. I LOVE stir fry, can't get enough of it.

This is my favorite time of the year for all the good eats.

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Wow Tom...
I remember you said at the beginning of the season you had your tomatoes in planters... You win :) only 3 tiny yellow pear tomatoes for me this year so far...
I will be building greenhouse this fall for sure to speed up my start of the season

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never heard of purple wax beans before?

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I used green beans, purple beans, and wax (yellow) beans, all bush varieties. Snap bean harvest has ended here, miss them already but have a full supply frozen and canned.

I have been hearing rumors about the development of green wax varieties. Sounds silly and pointless to me, just another color fad like white or purple carrots, white or green-when-ripe tomatoes, etc.

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

We have been feasting on veggies here, grilled eggplant, peppers, zucchini, toms, and still getting green beans. The onions and garlic were fantastic this year. Kale is going great guns, hope to try some kale chips yet, just have to find enough time to do that. Applesauce and dried apples to do yet. Drying some of my seedless grapes for raisins. Drinking fresh grape juice, jelly in the root cellar. Can barely keep up with all the goodies. We need another day or two for the garden to dry off and then will get the potatoes dug.

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Excellent! Sounds like you have had a successful gardening season. I wish our gardening season was not so short, but it sure makes a person appreciate all the wonderful harvests!

Thanks for posting...

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