Moon Garden in full bloom

gardenbrat(z6 OH)July 19, 2006

This is the time of year when my moon garden looks its best! Many perennials are in bloom and the annuals look nice and full. The daturas, jasmine and stephanotis fill the air with fragrance and when the moon shines on the garden is the best time to sit outside and really enjoy it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Moon Garden in mid-July

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Oh my... How pretty... I can just see myself taking a walk in the woods, on a hot summers day to cool off, coming across your wonderful garden and thinking I had found heaven...


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gardenbrat(z6 OH)

Thank you Rita. It is very private and very relaxing. It is my favorite garden especially when in bloom.

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Your garden is just beautiful. I'm in the midst of creating my own moon garden in the backyard and found lots of inspiration from the pictures you shared. Such a lovely woodland setting!

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Wow, those are great. I have quite a bit of quartz (a gift) in my garden, and I was noticing this summer under the moon how much they show and shine. So been thinking this year about enhancing them with some white flowering plants. Probably get to work on that next year.

Thank you for all of the ideas and for sharing your lovely garden.


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gardenbrat(z6 OH)

Thanks to everyone for the compliments. I just planted lots of white alliums, white daffodils and hyacinths so I can enjoy the white garden in the spring. I also planted bulbs of white muscari (grape hyacinths) and tulips. Can't wait to see the results come springtime.

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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

Gardenbrat--do you have a plant list? I'd love to see it--I am helping a zone 6 friend plan a moon garden...but I am 7b and don't know your zone as well...

WOuld you mind posting it online if you have it?


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gardenbrat(z6 OH)

Hi melanie,

Here is a list of what I have. Some are not complete names because they were given to me by friends. Don't forget to use foliage that is variegated as well. My garden is a combination moon garden and fragrant garden. Still all the flowers are white. There are shady places and sunny places in the garden so I plant accordingly. Don't forget to use white garden ornaments to give it "POW". I have a hat birdhouse with a white dress and pearls hanging on a tree. The ice storm a couple of months ago brought down the tree unfortunately. I am thinking of planting a white fringe tree or orchid tree in the spot. Hope this helps you.

ANNUALS (for all summer color)

White Cleome Sparkler Series (reseeds the following year)
Vinca Minor ÂAlba (has white eyes instead of the red eyed ones)
White Geraniums
White Impatiens
White Flowering Tobaccos
White Rose tree in container in patio (sometimes will overwinter)
Stephanotis in container in patio (overwinter inside home)
Jasmine (I just pick up a pot of Jasmine sold at the grocery store)
Plumeria in container in patio (overwinters inside home)
Brugmansia ÂFreedom (overwinters inside home or garage)
Queen AnneÂs Lace (reseeds following year)
White Begonias
White Sweet Peas (they are really more yellowish in color)


Daylily ÂJoan SeniorÂ
White Dianthus (a perennial)
White Balloon flower
Pin Cushion Flower Scabiosa ÂAlbaÂ
Hostas with white stripes
White Iris a friend gave me
Iris Siberica ÂSnow QueenÂ
Echinacea ÂWhite SwanÂ
Shasta Daisy ÂBeckyÂ
White Datura maybe ÂInoxiaÂ
Lamium ÂWhite NancyÂ
White BearÂs Breech
Sedum ÂStardustÂ
Garden Phlox  DavidÂ
White Lespedeeza (this hangs over retaining wall)
White Obedient Plant
Moth Mullein
White Oriental Lilies
White Liatris ÂFloristan WhiteÂ
Bleeding Heart ÂAlbaÂ
White Astilbe
White creeping Phlox
White Peony

VINES (these grow on each side of trellis)
Moonflower Vine
Clematis ÂSweet AutumnÂ


Butterfly Bush ÂWhite Profusion (this attracts tons of butterflies)
Hydrangea Tree ÂPee WeeÂ
Vitex ÂSilver Spires (This is zone 7 but it comes up every year)
Crepe Myrtle with white flowers that is hardy to zone 6
White Striped Ornamental Grasses (I divided them and now have a back row of these)
Althea Rose of Sharon ÂDianaÂ
Hydrangea ÂAnnabelleÂ
White Beautyberry ÂLactea (white berries)

BULBS (many for spring color)

Lilies of the Valley
Different types of white daffodils
Some white tulips
White Hyacinth
White Alliums
White Grape Hyacinth
White Calla Lily (you can remove bulb from ground to replant next year)
White Gladioulus (a friend gave me some bulbs)
White Dahlia

Here is a link that might be useful: white ornaments

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