Beans and Kohlrabi

soilent_greenJuly 11, 2013

First bush snap beans harvested yesterday. Though all were sown at the same time, the yellow wax beans are producing before the green and purple. I love the flavor and texture of young beans which is why some still have a green hue to them.

Lots of kohlrabi this size out in the garden, best crop in years - I am certain it was due to all the cool weather and rain. Way more than I need for fresh eating so I am going to look into methods of preserving such as freezing and dehydrating.


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Tom, you're an inspiration to us all.
Happy eating and preserving.


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Great looking vegies Tom.

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Appreciate the compliments. :)

I posted this thread back on July 11. Seems so long ago. Since then I have picked so many beans that I am dreaming about them in my sleep. So far I have harvested 8 bushels of green, yellow/wax, and purple beans, and the plants are still setting flowers. My canning is all done, have way more processed than I really need. Been giving away beans to family, friends and neighbors. Just traded a bushel of green beans for several gallons of raspberries. Traded beans to a neighbor for apples in the future. Another neighbor wants to trade processed chickens for beans, and I quickly agreed to that.

I have harvested around fifty kohlrabi at this point, many more than that to come. Have been slicing and dehydrating them for winter use, works pretty good.

Very soon it will be time to start harvesting cabbage for making sauerkraut, as if I have any time available for doing that project. LOL Will have to make time.

Photos show green beans and kohlrabi harvested two days ago.

Hope everyone is enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor!

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