Moon Garden in michgan

Sitar_boyAugust 8, 2003

I live in zone 7 in western michigan and would like to add on to my garden some how. So I decided to add moon Garden next season. I know i will put some moon Flower Vine in and a moon flower bush but what else would be good to put in, THank you.

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Where did you find a moonflower bush.?? I have been lookg all over for one. I live over by the Grand Rapids area and saw one at a drs office . And thought it was beautiful. I have been hunting ever since. Got a moonflower vines ( 6 of them) but was looking for the bush at the time I got that. If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it. Even would be glad to pay for the seeds if someone has some to get rid off.

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White yarrow, shasta daisies, white liatris and phlox David are what I am putting in mine for next year.

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

JPRosebud, datura seeds are easy to find on the exchange at the end of the season. The pods make a ton of seeds. I personally will be posting with both purple and white.

I grew white dames rocket, white lychnis, nicotiana, white balsam, fever few, white cleome (very nice and interesting) among others. Also a little creeping sage and artemsia.

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