Yellow MoonFlower...

flybabytina(NY - Zone 6)August 6, 2003

Hi everyone! This is my fist post! I just found this site and think it's wonderful! I have a question; I bought a plant simply called a "MoonFlower" but I haven't been able to find out the species or anything. It seems the typical "MoonFlower" is the morning glory type.

My plant looks very similar to a Dandelion, the flowers are yellow also, but have 4 petals. It blooms every 2 - 3 nights. The blooms only last one night.

Any input on what this plant might be would be greatly appreciated!

Also, in the case of the Morning Glory type of MoonFlower, is there other colors? I know there is white, but is there a purple variety too?

Thanks so much for all your help!

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I wonder if it is actually prime evening rose.

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flybabytina(NY - Zone 6)

I did find a picture... this flower looks JUST like MY moonflower blooms, but the plant looks NOTHING like my plant. My leaves look just like a dandelion's leaves. Thanks for your help!

Here is a link that might be useful: Evening Primrose Flower

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flybabytina(NY - Zone 6)

Here are some pictures of my plant. These were taken last year...

As you can see, the slugs love my flowers....

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Definitely an Evening Primrose sp. (Oenothera). There are many different species; some yellow-flowered, some white and many leaf types... Heres a link that might help, (I don't see any that look like your plant, but it'll give you an idea of the diversity):


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My grandmother use to have one that looks like the picture above. Would love to know where to get them. I have been searching for a while.

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cornstalk98_98(6 PA)

I have a plant with trumpet-like yellow flowers. It blooms in the eve and has a wonderful scent. The seeds that I used to plant it were on the ground along side of a white moonflower bush. It will come back every year because the flowers produce seeds, then fall to the ground so it propagates itself. You can also collect the seeds and save them for the following year. I let some fall to the ground and collected a large amound of them. BTW inside the flower there is a bit of rose-red spotings. It is lovely to sit outside in the eveening and enjoy the fragrance!!!

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Tina, I have the same dandelion looking plant given to me by my cousin in NY. The only name she had for it was "moonflower" also. I also have Evening Primrose which looks totally different...they are a very tall, sturdy plant. The moonflower is a very fragile/delicate plant, does not have seeds. It multiplies from the root. Wouldn't it be interesting, since you live in NY, if your Mom is my cousin that started me with this plant???

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flybabytina(NY - Zone 6)

I am sad... we moved last summer (not sad about that!) and I tried to bring my "moonflowers" with me... they never came back up this year.... I guess maybe I didn't dig up enough of the root or something... I love this unique "moonflower" If anybody can help me out with where I could get some seeds or plants, I would be eternally grateful!


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ladybug41(ON, Canada)

I have been looking for this type of yellow Moon Flower for the last 4 years. I had some but they died. I am wondering if there are any Canadian members who can tell me where I might purchase seeds/plants preferrable in Ontario but anywhere in Canada.

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Hi Pat, I got my plant at a garage sale ( plants only).I would like to propagate this plant but no seeds or new shoots. But just two days ago I found by the roots a small nut like thing, full of seeds. I am soaking them now for two days, so far nothing is happening. If these are real seeds, I would gladly share them.

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I would LOVE some seeds for yellow moon flowers if anyone has them to spare!!!! I've never had them. Thanks all!! I planted white this yr but notta...not a one came up. Hmmmmm makes me wonder what I am doing wrong.

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Dreamer 53 don't give up on them just yet. My first plants took didn't come in until the 2nd spring, then the one that got the evening sun went nuts. I got the first seeds from my ex-mother-in-law and they have since died out b/c i moved. I am just starting again and have one small white moonflower. I would love some yellow seeds if anyone has extras! I loved my white one!

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Neighbour has same plant. Only difference is structure of the yellow flower. Hers is about the same size and shape as a petunia. She has supplied others with sproutings.

While folks refer to it as "Moon Flower" because it blooms at dark, it is neither a vine nor white as Moon Flowers (or Moonflowers)are said to be!

Anyway, as you see from my user name, I am a writer. The plant has caused such a stir of curiousity in this community that I want to feature it in a short story. Consequently I desperately need its common and botanical name!

Sure wish I knew how to post a picture so that you can compare!

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Aha, I uploaded the picture in the "most recent" photo gallery!

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Hi, I just wanted to add, in case no one know this since it wasn't mentioned, that you can watch this flower spin open at sunset. It is what makes it my favorite. :) Sherri

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I have these moonflowers! :) They are my absolute favorite!

I live in Northeast, Ohio. My sister, who lives in PA, gave me a couple of them and they multiply every year! I can dig them up and relocate them with ease - and I have put them all through my gardens. I, also, have only known them as "moonflowers" and would love to know more about them!

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There must be a lot of different type of plants called moon flowers. I have one that I do not know the name of also. The bloom looks the same but the plant and leaves are different. A picture is in the Photo Galleries-Summer beauty

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The plant I have is also a dandelion-like yellow flower. You can get seeds from it and re-seed them in the spring or if you leave them the nut like seed under the leaves at the base of the stem (after each flower blooms) is filled with seeds and can be left to re-start in the spring. I always take a few of these nut like seeds and save them in case it doesn't come back in the spring. Sometimes, when they do start up in the spring they are easily mistaken as a dandelion and we gardeners tend to pull them out not realizing that they are our flowers.

I have tons of them and love them ... they are cool!!

I would however, love to know the name of them


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I seem to have the same plant. I got a transplant from a friend. We live in upstate NY; I wonder if this variety is unique to this region? I can't find out anything about it on the net, outside of forums such as this one. Mine was blooming before transplant, then stopped for a couple of months, now has begun again. It is a small plant, and has one flower per evening. My friend has quite a number of them, some of which have more than one blossom per evening. She says they reseed themselves every year. How can I post a photo?

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I think it's Oenothera acaulis aurea. Dandelion Sundrop is the common name I have heard. I had the white form at some point, but lost it in a move years ago.

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I lived in Fort Erie, Ontario Canada and we called them "Night Blooming Dandelions." They are a form of Evening Primrose. Oenothera Aucalis Auris is the proper name. If you are patient, the flower will unfurl its petals and bloom right in front of your eyes (takes 20 seconds to a minute from that first twitch of the bud.) A plant can have several buds at once. When a bud will be blooming that night, there is a reddish colored streak that can be seen running the length of the bud. YouTube has had several videos of the Oenothera Aucalis Auris blooming in real time.

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Here is a link to a YouTube video showing these amazing flowers opening up

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