Hakonechloa macra

cnord(4)July 3, 2007

Has anyone planted, and had luck growing this grass in our climate? I am thinking of trying it since I have lots and lots of shade gardens. I love the soft mounded look of it but all the web sites say the hardiness is not Zone4. Supposed to be a new variety "All Gold" that is more winter hardy. I live in Minneapolis and it would be on an east facing slope. Maybe I will buy 1 and see if it comes back next spring. Nothing to lose but money and a tiny bit of Gardener's Hope!

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I've grown hakonechloa macra albostriata and aureola for over 15 years with no hardiness problems with either, though I've lost a lot of supposedly hardier grasses in that time frame.


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I've grown it gold/green variety for year - no problem. They use at the arboretum and at noremburg gardens a lot. It is a bit slow to get going.

Last year I planted the all green straight species, hoping it would be a bit more vigorous. It might have been, but rabbits at it back several times this spring.

I think this is a Z4 plant and Mpls is mostly Z5 anyway. Go for it!


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laurampls(4 MN)

Gold, green and variegated are all hardy for me in South Minneapolis. I use oak leaf mulch on some but not all, and the unmulched clumps have always pulled through, including a couple of winters back when January went from 40 to -10 with no snow cover.

You will really enjoy this grass. It takes a couple of years to become a large clump, but even when it's small it is beautiful.


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leftwood(z4a MN)

Many people grow it here, and also many people have problems. So it may or may not work for you. All Gold has been around for a while now, and yes, I do find it hardier than the variegated types. Al Gold produces many flower (seed) heads, and I think they are very ornamental. Leave them grow and see what you think.

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

I'm one of the people who has had trouble growing it. Have not been able to get it to survive a winter in my gardens. But I'm out on the prairie with lots of wind to dry things out. I know of several people who grow it with no problem.

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