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I've been a veggie gardener for years(with some on & offs due to moving), but this is my second year in my new beds - about 40 of them. Last year I got off to a late start due to the time it took to builds the beds and fence & ended up with powdery mildew that killed my cukes and this year, I'm pretty sure my tomatoes have septoria leaf spot. In all my years of gardening, this has never happened!

I want to stay organic and I am deciding if I should pull my plants and start solarizing or just wait it out. I am wondering if rather than solarizing, has anyone ever tried using a blow torch to heat soil? I'm just worried if I don't solarize with plastic now, there won't be enough high heat to attempt it later and the blow torch could come in handy?

My other idea is to replace my soil - was it bad compost/manure? As I said, this is my second year in my new large garden, I always had a city lot before with about a 10x20 space. Maybe I'm just more susceptible due to the open air and spores traveling? I have drip irrigation and I prune my suckers so air flow was good. I don't mulch, perhaps that would have prevented it?

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Also looks like early blight of tomatoes. Something that I do to my tomatoes is to mulch them with 2"-3" of grass clippings shortly after I plant them to keep whatever types of fungi spores from splashing up on them from rain or watering. Usually keeps them nice & spot free in my garden. Probably too late for you to try this year but try it next year to see if it helps, just remember to use grass clippings that have not had an herbicide applied to them.

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