HAVE: Gardening Cat for Pickup Only - Indy Area (Pic Heavy)

ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)May 20, 2006

Yes, "cat" really does mean cat! We have a WONDERFUL stray cat that has been our "outdoor kitty" for about 4 months now. We absolutely love him but he needs a home where he can be a lapcat and get a lot of attention. It's not safe for him to live in urban Indy dodging cars, dogs, etc, and we can't take him in (5 indoors already...it's really not as gross as it sounds..LOL).

He is a young black and chocolate brown male - under a year, I'd say - with a wonderful personality. He is great with kids, comes when you call him, loves his belly rubbed, follows literally on your heels while you're in the yard - like a little fluffy dog! When I dig holes in the garden, he gets in and digs with me like we're looking for gold (hilarious!).

He needs to be neutered, needs shots...the works. All of his medical needs (including testing for all things known to cats) can be taken care of at F.A.C.E. clinics in Indy for under $75.00.

This is a WONDERFUL cat and must go to the right home. I don't want him just thrown outside and ignored. He is loving and attentive and needs owners that are the same.

He has very long hair, and is a very long, sleek cat with big fluffy paws. He currently eats Iams food. LOL I think he would do ok in a house w/ other female cats or maybe (?) neutered males....I really don't know. He currently fights w/ the male tomcat in the neighborhood...but they are currently both un-neutered males so that's not a surprise.

I live in Indianapolis and am looking for a local(ish) person only - no shipping. ;)

If you are interested and have question, please email me!!! Please don't be offended if I ask a lot of questions back...I want to find the best, safest home for Kitty Boy and am highly attached to this little fella. :)

Thank you!


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He is absolutely ADORABLE. If I didn't have 9 kittens to find great homes for right now, I would come and pick him up in a heartbeat. What a luvy furbaby. I hope you find a loving home for him.
What a kind soul you are :-)


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