wanted: wichita, ks traders out there?

mamaspud(z6KS)May 25, 2004

New to site and to gardening. Any webbers out there in Wichita, that might want to swap seeds/plants/advice?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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I'm clear up west of Topeka, MamaSpud, but welcome the Garden Web. Have fun!

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hi, I live in wichita and think I said hi from another site if I did I said just that I try to give some stuff away and seeds just found some more irises yesterday but my gardens always open ,its a mess but open .
i,m trying to land scape a 1/2 acre yard and get rid of my mower so thats a lot of planting , happy gardening , hopr to hear from you RICK and sheli

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DenaKS(6 KS)

Hi... I am in wichita to and always looking for new gardening friends :) I don't do many seeds, just no time, but lots of plants. I'm on the east side... Dena

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Cindi McMurray

Hi, Mamaspud!
Hmmm guess that mean's there's 5 gardeners here in Kansas, wow! I have lots to trade and share...and I'm also on the east side of Wichita, about 6 miles east of Dena.
I'm doing the same thing WichitaRick is doing...planting so many flowers I don't have any lawn at all.
Welcome to garden web. Feel free to email with questions.

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Hello to the other five gardeners in Kansas. I'm new to the site and relatively new to gardening. I'll probably be bugging you all a lot. LOL

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Hi there. I'm in Hutchinson, KS...not too far. Does anyone know of any annual plant swaps around here. When I lived in Manhattan, KS, they had a neat one put on by a group. However many individual plants you brought in, you got that many coupons to pick out the equivilant amount...It went on from like 10 am to 3 pm and they had a couple of drawings/door prizes and a informative lecture every hour on a different topic. That was awesome...went home with a variety of free plants!!! :) Also, people brought in old magazines and you could pick and choose whatever you wanted. Thanks for any ideas!! Anyone in the Hutch area?

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Oxalis_flower(z6 KS)

I live in Wichita, too and I'm new to this forum. Hello to all Kansans in here! Anyone know where to find a Oxalis Giganta? I just love these plants. I've never participated in plant trading before, but I do have some Iris in the backyard that I could part with.

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Another Wichita gardener out here! I live on the West side. I have gardening buddies from other states where we have lived before moving here who supply me with plants and bulbs. I love perennials and collecting new and unusual plants. I have been very disappointed by the selections in the local Garden supply centers except for DeRee's. I am starting to get more and more daylilies. I started with a back yard that did not have anything in it...no trees...no grass...no shrubs..after lots of work and cottonboll compost and elbow grease it is really starting to get somewhere.

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Perennial_Girl2(mid KS)

Hi...I live in a small town between Herington & Junction City. I go to Wichita a lot to see our daughter & family. Hope to share information or plants with all of you.

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Glad to get this post "re-started". Seems like there are a lot of you around Wichita... I want to make the garden show there in Spring 06. Guess Perennial Girl2 and I are the only ones up this way???

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Hi, Bonbon
I live in Topeka too. Am new to this forum, so please excuse any blunders. I live near downtown. We just purchased a 90+ year old house. We are remodeling and I am refurbishing the yard/garden. Not much to trade at the moment. I do have some plants that have been hear for years that could be divided. E-mail me if you are interested in a list.

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amare_al_giardino(5 KS)

Another Kansan here. So glad to see there are more of you out there using this site!
I am in Manhattan (actually St. George.
Laurens_flower...I would love to know more about the Manhattan plant swap, please share more info.
Looking forward to getting to know you all and hear about your gardens!

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sandalwoodzone6(z6 KS)

Hi Everyone. Guess I'll chime in here and make it 13 Kansicans. My favorite nursery in Wichita is also DeReese. They have the best selection of unusual varieties in town. But I have to put in a plug here for Scenic Landscapes...has anyone been over there lately to tour the ponds? Fantastic! Hope everyone has a great garden season and didn't get hit too hard in the hailstorm the other day.


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Another Topekan here! I'm fond of Lawrence farmers market for seedlings and plants, the Merc is a good source as well. Any news of upcoming events and swaps would be appreciated.
Thanks, Kristen

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hi!! i'm from harveyville, just southwest of topeka. :')

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I'm From Kansas also! Nice to meet you.

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peonyman(Zone 5, Lawrence, Ks)

It looks to me like there are enough Kansas Traders out there that there should be a Kansas Exchange group.

I am another Kansan located just east of Lawrence. I am in a rural area and have a lot of plant material I can trade/share. I grow many kinds of plants but my forte is herbaceous and tree peonies. Both take a long time to multiply so I don't do a lot of dividing of peonies.

I notice this thread has been going for about 5 years now.

Happy trading Kansas gardeners.


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This past September there was a plant exchange at a church on the North side of town. I was unable to make it, but a neighbor took what I had and picked out several nice plants. I'll watch the paper next year and post as soon as I know.

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Hi folks,

Steve and Vicki here from Park City (just north of Wichita). Definitely interested in meeting other gardeners.

We are landscaping the side of our home and we are looking to trade cuttings.

Especially from Japanese Maples or Weigela, or whatever you may have.

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