moonflowers not growing

lcy1(7)August 8, 2003

Help!I planted my seeds early in April,I think,and they are still only 4" tall-@ most!They are in full sun,in a large clay pot,but I did plant them in Miracle grow potting soil that has alittle fertilizer in it.Also,here in central Alabama-we started out with a veeerry wet,cloudy season.Is my soil the problem?I planted some morning glory(heavenly blue)in our famous red clay/dirt and they are thriving!Any info would be much appreciated!Thanks!

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Jayman_GA(z8 GA)

Are these vines or bushy ones? My vines are doing well in a flower box but my bush type are only doing well in the ground. Those that are potted are about 4" tall.

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I have a vine that I put in with some petunias and the vine's growing ---there's been 2 blooms, but I didn't get to see them. They open up late at night and are closing up in the morning when I get up at 7. Then they turn brownish and fall off. Next bloom, I'm gettin' a flashlight and going out to check it!

How can I get more blooms? Can you fertilize them?

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Hi-sorry took so long for a reply.No,mine isn't a bush type.It's a vine.I'm beginning to think the soil is too good,which sounds crazed,but they are much like a morning glory.My m.glory is thriving in dry,red clay and no fertilizer!I've always read that if you fertilize either moonflowers or m.glory's-you'll get tons of green foliage,but no blooms.So-I'm gonna transplant my moons into the ground and see what happens.Good luck-find out anymore hints-drop a line.Thanks!

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Vinefreak(Z5 Chicago)

I fertilized my (both ) my moonflwer vines and they have beautiful foliage and lotsa blooms. One's in a five gallon pot and he's really thirsty, like everyday.

Maybe I'd have more blooms if I didn't fertilize?


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I had heard not to fertilize these, but I've just started and have more blooms now (finally got out in the dark to see one opened up----very niceeee!)

I wish I'd started fertilizing earlier! I just used some manure/humus stuff and made a tea thingy, let it sit overnight and gave a cup or so to my moonvine and petunias. Doing great!

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Hi All

Brought some moonflower seeds back to Australia from Canada.

I planted them in peat pots, then straight into the ground when they were about one inch high. The receive full sun all day, but have seemed to of slowed down since being put in the ground, any suggestions?

Sneaky P
NSW Australia

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KimbosYard__DFW(Z8 DFW)

sneakypuss 01 -

They will pick up at your weather warms up. I have always wondered if maybe they are a plant that relates to the length of night. They do better for me with longer, warmer days. Mine were always big drinkers that did better in lean dirt.

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skippy05(z7 PA)

We started our seeds back in April in little peat pots also, heard they don't like their roots disturbed. Planted outside @ May 1st. We didn't get blooms/flowers until late July on moon flowers. I was advised by fellow Garden Webbers NOT to fertilize & NOT to water toooo much! Seems like Moon Flowers like poor soil & like to be left alone.
The more I ignored them, the more flowers I got. Same with the morning glorys.
I have the mf vine. The flowers open up @5 pm or so.
By the next morning the flower is dead. And that is it. Too bad that beautiful flower doesn't last longer.

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