advice needed for anti rabbit garden!

bwaze(z5 NH)August 25, 2005

I have never heard about moon gardens and now can't wait till spring to plant one! I've already ordered seeds ~ moon flowers, cedaar cups, night phlox ~ and it will be around my pond. Here's the problem I'm expecting. For the last 18 months a wild rabbit has adopted us, it comes to the back door when it's hungry, we pet it...sigh. It tends to eat every good flower in my garden and pond! Are there any plants that will ward off my friend or one's that he won't be attracted to? Hope there's help out there! Thanks.

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friesfan1(5b NW-KS)

Hi Bwaze,
I feel your pain! Although the rabbits that eat me out of
house and garden are not that tame, I can get really close
to them.

I have read everything I can to ward off the little devils.
I have heard spreading human hair by your plants will keep
them away. Have not tried that one.

I also read using kitty litter will work [used of course].
I tried that, but the bunnies came right along and ate my
Sliver lace vine right down to the coffee can I had put
around it for protection!!

So, out of frustration, I planted marigolds around my
cinnamon vine and silver lace vine. Does it work? No
not really. I ended up just sitting out a kitty litter
box poop & all right next to my vine.

Those waskally wabbits ate my : Hen & Chicks, Pepper Plants,
Petunia's, gazanias. This has been a very frustrating

You may want to not make friends with it. Maybe he/she
will leave your yard for greener pastures??

Good Luck,

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rachaelf(z5 IL)

I have problems with the buns eating my flowers down. I tried the tricks with hot sauce and pepper, they like the flowers even more. At our local home depot, I found a solution called shotgun anti rabbit and deer spray by Bonide. It has an eggwhite base to it that apparently makes things unappetizing. It works like a charm. This year my kohlrabi leaves were a target until I sprayed them down. I only needed one application and they were never touched again. It seems to work on any plant.

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sodbuster(7 OK)

Bwaze, Moonflowers are a lot like rabbits........that is, there is no such thing as one Moonflower plant...........for long. I didn't know rabbits would eat Moonflower plants! If all else fails, there is always STEW!

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catladysgarden(z5 CO)

Plant Datura in your moon garden. Rabbits won't eat that.

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sodbuster(7 OK)

CatLady.............Datura are Moonflowers.

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catladysgarden(z5 CO)

Sod Buster, Sorry for being confused. I have identified 4 different plants on this forum that people are calling Moonflowers. Anyhow, I don't believe rabbits will eat Datura. All parts of the plant are highly poisonous. I have not observed any animals, wild or domestic, that are attracted to them. Have you actually seen rabbits consume Datura? Those bunnies may go on a trip that they won't come back from.

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sodbuster(7 OK) m'am, as I stated in my first reply to this post, I didn't know rabbits would eat Moonflowers. I agree with you on this. As a matter of fact, I have not seen, even, Hummingbirds around them, however they will attract moths. Bees like them, so now I wonder about the honey.......would it be safe? Gezzzzzzz at the things to ponder from this forum!

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mooonie(z4-Lino Lakes)

Heavy sigh here..ah rabbits. Have any of you tried taking a bar of Irish Spring soap, using a veggie peeler on it, placing the peelings all around those cherished plants? It works.
Another thing, nasty though, is old smelly tennis shoes.

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I've had luck with the dogs, Rat Terriers, however, rabbits are starting to come back and I suppose hit me at night. I have moved the dogs food to the areas I want protected so hopefully the dogs will stand watch over my new plantings.

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Stop petting the rabbit and get some barn kitties. They'll keep everything out of your garden, except the deer :)

If you really like the rabbits, then put a fence around your garden, with chicken wire they can't crawl though or under. You may need to bury the chicken wire a bit, to keep them out.

I like my deer, so I plant a lot of flowers around the veggies, to keep them from snacking on them, but I'll have to fence in a 'real' vegetable garden, to grow corn and other plants I can't hide with marigolds, zinnias and cosmos :)

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