New hosta acquisitions

hostahostaJuly 18, 2014

On my hosta trip the other day, In addition to Wade and Gatton, I also stopped at Wade Gardens. This is where I got my new ones. I purchased:

Blue Mammoth
Powder Blue
Cup of Grace
Abiqua Drinking Gourd
Birchwood Parky's Gold

This one is Vulcan. Hope I can maintain that color. Love the gold in between the white and the green. I know many of you have this one.

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Hideout. What a little cutie! Looks so fresh. Anyone else have her? Let me see your pics.

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Abiqua Drinking Gourd. Popular, HOTY. I have another that I got about three years ago. It is tiny, finally showing some growth this year. I'm very impatient so bought this larger one. It is right in the center of the pic.

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Cup of Grace. On the recent greenies thread, someone posted this one. Obviously made an impression, because when I saw it I bought it. A little lopsided, I think it got knocked over and has been growing on its side for awhile. It will be fine next year.

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How fascinating that you found Hideout!
I was calling Leonard Jones, the registrant for Hideout, about his sport of Squash Casserole, JuJen, just this week! (Van Wade is shown as the only source to buy it I discovered later.) Mr. Jones mentioned he had several of "his" hosta remaining, although they do not mail anything. I would have to find a way to get up there in Georgia somehow to pick them up. But Hideout was one he still has, OS/Originator Stock too. I do not think it was ever tissue cultured, so you have something really nice in that small hosta. Nice selection.

Plus, I added Birchwood Parky's Gold to my wish list. I have Nakaiana 'Golden' which some say is the same thing as BPG. No way for me to be sure unless I have both, or so it seems to me. I would place them side by side and check it out. How about showing us your BPG when you take a shot of it? Would love to compare with mine.

Nakaiana 'Golden'

and July 14, 2014

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Mocc: Here is BPG as you requested. I actually took two pieces off it to give to friends before I planted it. I understand it should increase rapidly. It's nice and bright right now. I'll see what it does where I've placed it in several hours of sun.

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Great selections HH
Cup of Grace should recover nicely for you.
As you can see it has a great upright habit and the leaves cup deeply and point up. Think you'll like it.

I have BPG too, and also growing in sun.....enough sun for the day lilies to bloom. In zone 6 no burning at all and should turn nice golden yellow as season progresses.

Good luck with the new rookies.

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Oh yes! Those are some sweet looking hosta you got. And thanks MBug for sharing your BPGold for its excellent color. I took mine out of sun as the summer wore on, afraid it would burn up. Actually it was not BPGold but Nakiana Golden, which is said to be the same as BPG. I think I'd still like to try the one NAMED that, you know what I mean? Your plants have veins prominent, and I haven't noticed that as a feature so much with the Golden. Am I missing something and just not being observant? Well, it remains to be proven to me that they ARE the same, so I'd rather have two....belt and suspenders sort of philosophy.

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