JustJoeyGirl-advice wanted please!

southshoregardener(z7 NY)August 16, 2005


I have been admirering your moon garden and it is something that I have wanted. I just finshed making my bed and here are a few pictures.

View from patio

View from deck

I don't have exact dimensions but I will measure later today. I would guess about 40'x 20' at it's widest. The exposure is part sun/shade (more shade than sun). I have just completed a list of possible plantings after looking at yours and doing some research and I would love your opinion! Then where should I start as far as design goes?

Here's the (long) list:

Plans for Moon Garden


AZALEA white lights, spring->late spring, medium, 3'

Buddleia x white ball dwarf Butterfly bush, summer, short 2-3'

DEUTZIA setchuensis Corymbiflora, spring, medium 4-6'

HYDRANGA arborescens AnnabelleÂ, early summer->fall, tall 4'

Philadelphus x Minnesota Snowflake mockorange, spring, medium 3-4'

VIBURNUM plicatum NEWZAM - Newport Viburnum, spring-summer, tall 4-5'



Allium cowanii, mid-spring, 24"

Allium multibulbosum, late spring, 18-24"


Jeanne d'Arc-early spring, 5"


Tresamble-early spring, 16"

Narcissus Mount Hood-early spring, 18-20"

Narcissus albus plenus odoratus"Double Pheasant's Eye"-mid-spring, heirloom, 12-14"

Narcissus thalia "Orchid Narcissus", mid-spring, 16-18"


Carnegie-early spring


botryoides Album-early spring


Lilium Candidum Madonna Lily-late spring, early summer

Oriental Casa Blance-summer

Tiger Lily Sweet Surrender-late summer, early fall


Tulip Hibernia, spring, 18"

Tulip Maureen,late spring, 28"

Tulip White Cascade, early, 12"

Misc. Bulbs

Galantus elwhesii, early spring, 5-8"

Ornithogalum magnum, late spring, 20-24"

Puschkinia libanotica alba, early spring, 5"

Scilla siberica alba, early spring, 4-5"


PULMONARIA officinalis Sissinghurst White : JERUSALEM COWSLIP-early spring, ground cover

ARABIS Variegata - Rock Cress-early spring-late spring, short 8"

ASTER ageroides ASRAN, late summer->fall, medium 2'

AQUILEGIA Tower White : Columbine, spring->summer, medium

CAMPANULA Persicifolia Coerulea Alba-late spring->early summer, medium 2-3'

CIMICIFUGA RACEMOSA Black Snakeroot, summer->fall, tall

COREOPSIS Verticillata ALBA, early summer->fall, short 12"

DICENTRA Spectabilis Alba Bleeding Heart, spring->late spring, medium 28"

DIGITALIS purpurea PAM'S CHOICE, late spring->early summer, tall 3-4'

ECHINACEA White Swan, summer->fall, tall 3'

GERANIUM Biokovo, spring->summer, short 8"

HOSTA Royal Standard, summer->late summer, medium 30"

PENSTEMON digitalis ALBA-summer->early fall, medium 28"

VERONICA Alpina Alba, spring->summer, short 8"

Annuals-All White





Anyone else, please feel free to chime in!


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That bed looks great---the shape and location. Just wanted to add to your shrub list. Clethra "Hummingbird" will bloom in sun or shade, so I would definitely add some of those.

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

Hi southshoregardener! First thank you for the kind words. Your garden is going to be just beautiful. I absolutely love your location, and the view from the patio..outstanding. My first thought might be: Does the path of the moon shine in that area? I know that my white garden in under the canopy of high trees and the moonlight doesn't hit it directly. That is ok, just a different effect. No matter where you plant yours, it will be lovely by day and magical by evening..the flowers hover at dusk.

I really like your choices for plants..nice to see you've included a variety of types and bloom time..excellent. I think you are going to be happy with your choices. I was going to suggest a few things, but I see you've already included them.

I recently added hosta to mine. I added Loyalist, which is white with deep green edging, or green edged with a white center...depending on how you look at it...ha ha ha. I wanted to add an Aphrodite to it...I love the flowers and the scent, but decided to keep Aphrodite in another garden, simpley because the foliage is big, beautiful and GREEN. I wanted more white in there. As it is, I will be removing the bayberry shrubs I have in mine. I love the scent and the berries, but, it is just too green.

I could suggest other bulbs, or perennials, but in reality it is what you like, and it looks like you have some wonderful plants, and know what you like. I think it is good to include shrubs, bulbs, perennials annuals and vines. I am not much into the garden art...but I do have a bird bath that is white.

As far as design, I didn't follow any plan, and change things that don't work out the way I like. Mostly taller in back of shorter..since my garden is an island, I try for taller around the three 'points' as anchors, and tall in the middle. I grow vines up through the shrubs like clematis and moonflowers. My garden has both full sun and a lot of shade too, so I am lucky I can grow many things, as you will see you can too. I try to put darker foliage near lighter and behind the white blooms, I try to use different leaf types for contrast. I really don't have much advice, other than watch which like sun and shade, plant lower ones in front of taller ones, and watch the moisture requirements of each type when you plant it.

I see you have a white coreopsis listed....very nice, I learned something..I didn't even know one existed. I use calgary tulips because they last a long time, and have large flowers that are substantial. They are not perennial here for me. I added camassia, which you might like. I have both purple and white. ( Did I mention that I add a splash of red and purple, just for some daytime interest? Not much though. I love the way purple and red look together with white. They all play off of each other.)

May I reccomend some sort of daisy, or the double ones are nice too. Phlox Carolina Miss Lingard lasts a long time as well as phlox David. Some white Asiatics in a group will put on a nice show that lasts a long time too. I am trying to think of the whites that last a while and show up nicely. I agree with clethra Hummingbird...it likes moisture...and what a nice scent for the late summer garden, like honey. Anemone Honorine Jobert also puts on a nice show too in the late summer, but really you have some wonderful selections and I am sure you will add your favorites. I like your choice of annuals...petunias, portulaca and cosmos would be my only other suggestions for annuals..maybe white profusion zinnias..they just bloom and bloom. I never cared much for dusty miller, until I had seen it in a white garden and the silvery foliage really added a nice touch to it, now I wouldn't be without it. It came back for me last year, which was unexpected but nice.

There are so so many different white flowers you can add, to sit and list them all would be boring for you and me..I'm sure you'll find your favorites along the way. I have tree peonies and herbacious peonies..but the foliage will be green most of the year, for the short bloom period..it all depends on what you like. Somewhere on one of these posts I have some of the flowers I have in mine posted..I have discovered that I missed some for the list..but like I said..you have a wonderful selection and I think you are going to be quite happy with yours. Enjoy..JoAnn

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southshoregardener(z7 NY)

Thanks for the input. I'm now hoping to get much of it planted this fall. The nurseries around here are putting their shrubs on sale and Bluestone has many things on sale too. Just need to get it!
The Clethra "Hummingbird" sounds interesting. I googled it and liked what I saw.
Hopefully I can post a pretty site next year!!

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

We'll be looking forward to your pic's next year! Good luck with your fall planting. I usually plant poppies and bulbs in the fall..I'm more of a spring planter. I've had better luck with plants put in earlier in the season, but htat is just me. I've had good luck with Bluestone too. I can't wait to see yours...JoAnn

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)


I was just reading over some of the earlier posts and came across yours again. I was wondering how you made out. You had some wonderful selections that you were thinking of adding to your white garden. The site you had selected looked great. So, are you out there staring at the ground like the rest of us? How is your garden doing? I can hardly wait to hear.


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I'm interested in hearing about and seeing any photos of your new moon garden, too.

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southshoregardener(z7 NY)

I just saw this post...sorry for the delay. The garden is coming along very slowly! I will post photos. I managed to get some bulbs in last fall along with a hydranga. I need to add more shrubs. I got a few perrenials in a week ago. I will being adding a few more and then add annuals as the wallet is never as fat as I would like it to be!

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

ssg, glad to hear you are still working on your moon garden, I look forward to hearing more about it and seeing your photos. My spring bulbs are finishing up about now, maybe another week or two, then it will be just the shrubs, perennials and annuals. Some of the perennials are blooming now, and I am in the process of adding some annuals. The frost free date for our area is approaching. I've added some in good faith : ) but wait for some others. I put in quite a few different dahlias this year too. I am hoping all the foliage doesn't take away from the overall look. Each season is an experiment of one sort or another. Looking forward to seeing yours...have fun..JoAnn

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