Suggestions for innovative lighting ideas

Mary_Jane_in_CalifAugust 8, 2003

Hi fellow gardeners,

I'm looking for some suggestions for some innovative lighing ideas for my back yard. I have often thought about putting white twinkle lights in my crape myrtles, but would have to run an extension cord to them as they are not against the fence but floating about 8' from my side fences. Would also love to hang a candalier from a tree, but my Chinese Pistache trees are not big enough yet. I do have garden stakes that I can put a candle in...I use these in flower pots/boxes on my patio. Looking for some more new ideas. I also have swagged white twinkle lights on the patio that have a clear plastic flower shade cover. Thanks in advance.

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gordonhawk(7/ NYC)

for myself I enjoy not seeing the lights.. but just their effect... and a few candels perhaps... but I did see some lovely string lights with roses as the lights... I was almost moved...They were at a store called............. just bulbs NYC.. I'm surethey would ship if you called.. they will know the ones... and they have other shapes as well .. perhpas red hot peppers...maybbe they have a site

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Thanks for your response Gordon...not much action on the Moon Garden Forum
these days.

I once saw the rose lights you mentioned in your email and I liked them very
much. Once I decided to add some lights to the patio that is exactly what I
had in mind and then I found the ones I presently have at Wal-Mart for about
$5 a strand. They will do until I find something better. I do believe I
saw the store "Just Bulbs" featured on a program on HGTV once...thanks for
the recommendation, I will keep them in mind.

Read your page and thought I should mention that I love pale pink (it looks
great in the evening too) as well as variegated foliage. Presently have
variegated ivy, polka dot plant, nasturtiums, and will be adding a
variegated morning glory (gorgeous) next Spring. Your roof top garden
sounds wonderful!

Mary Jane

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gordonhawk(7/ NYC)

Well. Mary Jane,
I was happy to respond... MMMM my page... yes.. I mentioned my passion for the blush pink... a good irredescent pale blush pink will surely get you into my garden... sounds wonderful. well, I do love it... come see for yourself.. there are a few photos go to the July folder of my roof garden.. the photos are from this year.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gordon's rooftop garden..

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skippy05(z7 PA)

Wal Mart has some neat solar lights (& also Home depot)
I have been to a few Wal Marts & each time I find at least 2 or 3 styles that I didn't see before.
So check out a few Wal Marts before you decide!
Some are really nice.

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Gordon, your roof top garden is even have grass!! You have some flowers/plants that I want in my garden. I have tried (several times) and failed at growing Moon Flower from seed as well as Butterfly Bush. I have also managed to kill several Hydrangeas (love yours), I will try again, just think I haven't found the right spot for them. It gets very hot here in the Central Valley and so getting the plants established during milder weather is key.

I have Heritage (David Austing rose) that is the most beautiful pale delicate pink, I think you would like.

Thanks for sharing.

Mary Jane

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I do have some solar lights (set of 5)that I picked up at Costco for my back yard and then decided that they would look better along my front walk way. I will probably buy another set when I find some I really like. Thanks for the suggestion.
Mary Jane

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laa_laa(Sunset /8 or 9)

Mary Jane, I recently received a catalog for garden tools which has some candle holders for the garden that are beautiful and that can be moved when you want.
The catalog is "Garden Tools by Lee Valley". The web site is . The page in the catalog is page 109.
If the budget can stretch a little I plan to get some.

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Thank you lina...sorry I didn't respond sooner. I requested a catalog.

Mary Jane

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