What to do with Granny

labrea_gwMarch 14, 2012

What kind of sentence should granny get if convicted or is she the victim of media sensationalism as Granny's lawyer suggests. Step mom is also indicted.

"Authorities say Savannah Hardin died last month after her grandmother and stepmother forced her to run around the family's house for three hours as punishment for lying about taking a chocolate candy bar."

Interesting the CNN article leaves this piece out which was included in a British Newspaper.

...... captured on a school bus videotape saying she planned to run the child ''til she can't run no more,' a prosecutor told a judge Thursday in announcing capital murder charges.

Authorities say the older woman made the child run for three hours carrying 10 pounds of wood as punishment, and the younger woman - who was nine months pregnant at the time and has since given birth - did nothing to intervene.

(also missing from CNN story) there's a way of writing that wonderful word alleged.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mail it in

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I think there is a nice little cell with granny's name on it. That poor beautiful child. That sadistic sick woman.

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Yep if proven guilty (if someone doesn't botch the prosecution) both granny & step mom!

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What is wrong with some people? What can one say to these kinds of stories? And the sad thing is... they happen every day, these unnecessary deaths and abuses...

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