Moon Lily or Flower?

kathieanne13August 1, 2006

A friend from St Louis, MO, mailed me 6 seeds from what he called a Moon Lily. He then emailed me some photos of the plant in bloom at night. I do not believe it is a lily. You can see the bloom at this link:

After reading your postings I am very confused as to what kind of plants I am growing. Also, my plants are not doing well. They are about 3" tall with multiple leaves & looked terrific. Then they started getting yellowing leaves that curl up & wither. There are a few very tiny black dots on some leaves. I can see no bugs. I have sprayed with Malathion several times. I live in zone 6. I am wondering if this plant likes my very acid clay soil. Thanks for any assistance!

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Hi! You've got a datura, aka Moonflower. These can be a little picky. They don't like it too dry, or too wet. You just have to find the happy medium for your plant. You can look it up on google and find out lots of information.

Hope this helps!


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