Transplanting Datura Inoxia?

Dovetail(6b)August 30, 2013

Hi everyone! I was given some "moon flower" by a co-worker a month or two ago, which I've identified as Datura Inoxia based on another friend who knows that they type she has (they look identical) they were 1-2 leaf shoots maybe 2-3" high. They have grown, but I planted them in the shade, and I think they are quite unhappy there. They haven't even attempted to bloom or grow further.

I would like to move them to my sunny backyard, however I worry it might be too late in the season to move them?
The ground they are in is rather shallow (the dirt sits near my foundation and isn't very deep) so I don't know how far out the roots have branched.

Are these like morning glory who hate to have their roots disturbed?

further more, I've read that they can be "root hardy" in zone 6b? Does this mean if I toss some mulch over them in the winter they'll come back next year?

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I have two different kinds of moonflowers in one pot, one is the moonvine and the other is the Datura. As you can see in the picture the Datura is growing quite well, can you tell me how to get it out of the pot without either killing it or the moonvine? The vine is tied to the nail at the top of the window, and it is quite healthy except for a few yellowing leaves at the bottom. Any suggestions would be helpful, thank you.

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I decided to do some flower rearranging and took the Datura out of the pot it was sharing with the moonvine and put it into its own home, what I failed to reconize is that there are TWO Daturas together so I got both out and this is what I did, tell me if you think it was a good idea.

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