? About using a shade area for cool weather crops

joytosew(5MO)January 1, 2014

We are moving to a small farm.
There is an area that sets maybe 30 feet from the house. It is lower ground with a circle of trees around it. The entire inside of the circle is just ground.
I noticed over the summer and fall when we began working on the house, that the area had maybe a good five hours of sun that streamed between the trees.

What I am wondering is if I build raised beds to plant lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, and other cool weather vegetables if this would be enough sun for them? Also, because this is really a full shade area the temperature seems to stay lower there all summer is it possible to grow those crops all summer?
I have a grandson with celiac disease and I have gluten allergies. Cauliflower has become a staple in our diet we use heavily. If there is a way I could grow this year round it would certainly help us.

Any help, thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
I wanted to post in this forum in hopes others in my area that know our weather would have some advice.

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pondwelr(z5 WI)

My one and only experience with raised beds near trees was disastrous. Within one yr. the fine feeder roots of the trees invaded the raised bed, sucking all the water and life out of whatever I had planted there. I know people think that trees have these huge, deep roots; and I guess they do. But I also have found that most of their 'feeder' roots are in the top few inches of the surrounding soil.
I never knew that cauliflower needed cool weather. In SE WI, where I live, they thrive in sun. If your climate is too hot, I suggest using shade cloth or some other innovative method to keep your plants cooler. Forget planting among the trees please. Sharon in WI

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