ZN 3-5 Round Robin---are you ready?

SandiBluffs(z4 WI)January 2, 2007

Anyone interested in doing a Round Robin for the Zone 3-5 group? LMK

I have veggies & flowers, some herbs, some grasses. What are you interested in?

I need at least 5+ people to do this. ..........SandiBluffs

This is how a Round Robin works:

I set up an envelope with seed packets inside. With a list of names, I send the package to the first person on the list.

When that person receives the package, he\she takes out what he\she wants and puts back the same # of seeds (more if you want)from his\her collection. He\she sends the package to the next person on the list. All the information is inside the package for the procedure.

Take a day or 2 to look through the packets. No more than 3, so the people waiting won't have to wait too long. Instructions are included, too. Be sure to check them out.

While you are waiting for the RR, you can look at the list for the next person after you. See if there is anything from his\her want list you can add in the Robin. (don't look at my list,though 'cos I haven't been able to change it since GW changed to iVillage. :+)

Have your packets ready to go before you get the Robin and it will be easier to send the package faster.

To keep track of the package, the receiver posts here to say he\she got the package and posts again when he\she sends it out to the next person.

The next person will then know when to look for the package in the mail.

This a great diversion during the long days of January & February.

So....who's in? SB :)

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