Has anybody grown Schizopetalon walkeri?

turkeyfarmAugust 3, 2004

I have seeds of this plant but no instructions on how to grow it. Is there another name for it? Is it annual in my area of CT?

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dear turkeyfarm, I haven't grown it, but I do know it has an almond scent at night, and it's flowers are delicate, fringed, and open and it loves sun or partial shade.
It blooms spring and summer, doesn't like to be transplanted, is an ornamental, and comes from Chile. Oh, and it's an annual.
hope this helps.

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Hi, I'm about to grow it from a seed packet that says:
It is a half-hardy annual and sow Feb-March at 15-18C. 21-60 days germination time. They don't like root disturbance and so should be sown direct into peat pots. Plant 6 inches apart (rockeries or containers) or in a 5in pot in the greenhouse.

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