Night blooming cirrus

april619(5b IN)August 21, 2005

I had a bloom on my night blooming cirrus last Sunday night, but missed it because I was not expecting it for several more seasons. I found the closed bloom on Monday morning and immediately called my parents. My step-dad came to inspect my plant and show me how to find any new buds. I am so fortunate to have 3 more starting. This plant was started from 1 leaf stuck in some dirt 2 summers ago, so anyone who is familiar with this plant knows not to expect anything for many years....and then only few and far between. Also, I have endured many people who look at it like a plant who has seen better days, or may never see a good day. Fools. To my good fortune I should have these beautiful blooms within a few weeks.

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jblum(z6 NY)

I planted mine from a cutting in May 2002, and it just had it's first bud. Unfortuntely, it fell off last week before blooming. So, maybe next year, or hopefully it'll have another this summer or fall...

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IceGardens(z5 SE IN.)

Ok, I have a huge NBC from a plant swap in the spring. Can you tell me fertilizer requirements of them? Mine has been sitting on my covered patio since May, and I noticed that the squirels (I think) have torn a few leaves off and have been feasting on them. I also think that I should repot it, this fall........ any special soil requirements?

Will be watching for a pic soon!


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april619(5b IN)

I fell a little 'sheepish' saying this but, I don't give my cirrus too much pampering. I just stuck a leaf in some potting soil 2 years ago and put it in my kitchen window. In the summer I put it on the front step and it gets morning sun only. I water it about once a week and it is thriving. I have never had an issue with critters eating the leaves. I'm not sure why they would like it. Even my cats don't touch the cirrus - the spider and the fern get all the attention from my 2 cats.
It should be soon on my bloom. The bud is about 1 1/2" long so far. It is taking longer than I expected to open. Hopefull soon!

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My NBC bloom will open tonight. This is a piece of my grandmother's plant--it hasn't bloomed since the 1960's. My sisters and my father and I keep exchanging "leaves" to start when one of ours dies. Finally this afternoon i saw a blossom on mine. What a thrill! I will stay up tonight to photograph it. Quite a surprise!

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