My First Datura Flower

pomeapomeaAugust 12, 2008

I always thought they were nice looking an i ordered black currant swirl seeds from some seed company and they never sprouted

But in a field next to my job I found a Datura Stromonium and i brought it home it flowered for the first time las night

does anybody have any seeds for trade (i only have vegetable seeds) Or ideas or tips there all appreciated

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What a lovely flower! The plant looks very healthy with lots of buds. I have been growing these for about 3 years and they are so pretty.
This year, I had a purle and white Datura to come up volunteer and I am hoping for some seed from that to trade.

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Congratulations pomea!
I love the fragrance of the datura. I have been keeping the seeds from my pods. Those little prickly "thorn apples" will split open one day and then the dark seeds are ready to be harvested and saved.
You can always find people wanting to trade datura seeds at the seed exchage forum.

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