Lunar Flower?

Hotaru(z6NY)August 10, 2004

I initially bought a pack of moon flower seeds because in an anime I watch, they talk a lot about lunar flowers and that they lead the path to paradise.

Anyway, here's pictures of the flowers in the show:

The site is in Japanese, and I was wondering if any of you know the specific name of this flower, and any where I can get them online.


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Joyce Knight

Looks like night-blooming cerrus to me. Sorry,don't know where you might find it. Joyce

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amylovesplants(So. Cal 10/19)

Look for the thread called "night blooming cereus". Some one identified the plant as a Epiphyllum oxypetalum, which I think is the same as your pictures. They said you can get it from Logee's.

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The scientific name is the night-blooming cereus which blooms at midnight for one night for a few hours and its found in desert kinda places like southern america and part of some succulant/cactus family. After the flower blooms a red fruit grows which is apparently edible.

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ah! u were watching Wolfs Rain no? i just finished the series! i loved it! do u know where i could get some lunar flower seeds and just more info on them as well

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