Datura leaves curled

nosootAugust 2, 2006

I have 2 Datura's planted from seed -in large pots. They were growing very well -about 2 ft tall -no flowers yet. I had mixed some Miracle grow Shake and Feed in the soil when I planted them and so I added some more this past weekend. Now all the new leaves are coming out deformed and curled - upside down boat. Also coloration is distorted -parts dark parts yellow. We have had several huge storms with lots of water and now extreme heat. Any suggestions?

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I have no Datura in my collection, though from your description I would venture to guess that it maybe just too much
fertilizer and rain. I would let the soil get almost bone dry then flush the soil well with tap water. Repeat again the next
time the plant needs water. Also, I would check for insects.

Just an personal observation, I do think Datura is not a plant that requires high feeding and does better on only occasional
fertilizer or I may be way off base here. ;-]

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I agree, sounds like too much fertilizer
I would flush sooner than later
But thats just me.


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