Best early determinate tomato

cowpie51December 15, 2011

Being that our land is predominantly clay I am considering growing some early tomatoes next spring. As the price of compost has risen around this area we are going to try to just cater to each individual plant instead of spreading a broad layer of compost.

The thought of digging a 3 foot diameter spot and adding compost and other natural fertilizers for each plant makes me think I could grow about 75-100 early tomato plants to get the jump on the great early tomato prices.

What do you feel is the best tasting early variety. Mark

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oregon spring has done well for me and sells well when there's not much competition.

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Randy, I grew them a couple of years ago and they were not bad.
They were not as early as the seed package stated but they were decent sized with good flavor. That was the year I had some Anthracnose problems and I do not know If it was bad seed or not. I grew early girl 2 last year as a early tomato and they were not ready till darn near August and I planted around May 20. But we had some cool, damp weather also.
I was looking in my seed catalogs and the tomato Legend seems to fit the bill also.( Another Dr. Jim Bagget tomato). Anybody tried this? Appears to have some late blight tolerance also.

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before I had a hoophouse I grew sunstart tomato. A very early beefsteak. You will get 2 big flushes of toms about 2 weeks before all the other toms ripen and then the plants are done. I think the seed is still available from rupp. don't think I've seen it anywhere else. (rupp charges $10 for all orders under $150. so take that into the price of the seed) Tried oregon spring in hoophouse once. NEVER again. it is NOT an upright growing plant. It stayed about knee high, and as a result lots of leaf and fruit molds. In the hoop house I grow valley girl starts a week earlier that the mountain fresh types. Hope this helps.

Also I'd consider adding some fish and kelp at translplanting to ease the plants out of transplant shock and get them upright and growing.
In addition; you should lay your black plastic down 2-3 weeks before you plan to transplant. This will add heat to the soil and is the main benifit of laying black plastic.
Lastly, be sure to grow healthy transplants. Tomato transplants should be dark green, not yellowish pale green . Add the compost to your potting soil every 2-3 weeks. warm wishes Kristi

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