Night blooming jasmin

rachaelf(z5 IL)August 11, 2004

I live in zone 5 and bought a Night blooming jasmin this year. It has been wonderful, but what can I do with it this winter. I don't have any direct sunlight coming into my house, so I don't think she will last. Can I cut her down, or force her to go dormant this winter?

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i used to have one of these it got quite big so big that i just did not have room for it anymore, the lady i got it from i think she told me she pruned it back a little each year that is about all i know, good luck i do miss mine though, they are hard to find i have not seen another since i lost mine

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This is the third winter for mine. I just bring mine in and treat it as a house plant. Because it is so big it is not at the front of the window. By Christmas it begins to yellow and lose its leaves. The first year I thought it would die and I set it in the spare room until I could dump the pot out. By spring it wasn't dead yet so I set it outside and it came back beautyfully. I think you could keep it anywhere that it dosn't freeze completely. I have never kept mine completely in the dark, but I don't know without any leaves anyway it probably wouldn't matter.
Hope this helps,

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mistyq(south carolina)


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I loved mine so much that I bought one for my father-in-law. He's in Columbia, SC, and I'm in the Panhandle of Florida. I'm now on year #3 and am very pleased with the very fragrant wonder! I hope you are able to find someone with the answer and a favorable one to boot! Did you buy it from a nursery that could possibly know of a successful grower in your area? Good luck. I'm trying my hand at planting cuttings from my now "bush" of a plant - I cut back every spring to about -5- feet. Good Luck. I saw where someone answering your posting asked a question I'm trying to find the answer to - do they seed? So I'm glad we connected even though I do not have an answer for you! It was fun chatting.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

My sister had one in Massachusetts. I always wanted to see one in bloom. However, one day I went to visit her from Canada where I live. Hers was in full bloom, but she thought I might be bothered by the aroma ( I have allergies), so she cut off all the blooms. What a major disappointment. Maybe I will try to purchase one somewhere, if it will survive and bloom here in Ontario.

I know that I will have to bring it in for the winter. Will it take a cold cellar and go dormant like most of my brugmansia?

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rachaelf(z5 IL)

I did bring her in and put her in my bedroom which faces south. She is hanging on so far. I figure once the weather gets warm, I'll bring her back out so she might bloom again.

Thanks everyone!

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sinner_gurl(LA z9& HUMID!)

When I lived in a zone 4 I had a cestrum nocturnum in a pot and I trimmed it back and let it go dormant in the winter just like brugsmanias. I kept it in a cool garage that didn't freeze and only watered it a few times. All the leaves would fall off and it would look like dead sticks. In the spring (after danger of frost) I put it back outdoors and watered. It came back from the roots. It does produce white berry type seeds after flowering. you can plant these or you can start new ones from cuttings. I have heard some people say they root them in water. I just stick them in dirt and they grow.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

a man called "godsgarden9" on gardenweb sent me seeds of this "evening fragrance jasmine" last fall. I think every one of them came up. I don't know if he would still have more seeds or not, but maybe so since he's from Louisiana. I have a couple of plants left I could trade.They are about 6-8 inches tall now.

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This is my first year to have a night blooming jasmine. I have it in a pot on my patio, with full sun and the bottom leaves are yellowing and falling off. However it has grown over 6" in two weeks! Am I doing something wrong? Its now about 3' tall and still growning, but no blooms yet. . Can someone give me some advise please?


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sinner_gurl(LA z9& HUMID!)

How big is your pot? They really like large pots and roots outgrow a small one quickly outdoors. That could be the reason for yellow leaves. Also if the pot is drying out too quickly or not able to dry out all between waterings (too wet=could cause root rot) it could get yellow foilage. Walmart has huge round laundry tubs with the rope handles(by the laundry baskets) for about 5 dollars. You can drill a bunch of holes in the bottom with a *Large* drill bit fill with potting soil mixed with sand and perlite to promote good drainage. I usually fertilize mine with miracle grow every few months. Whatever you do, do not cut off any new growth now because they will bloom on that new growth. Later, you can take them out of the pot and root prune them- and repot back into the smaller pot for winter storage, just do it awhile before moving back inside so it can adjust gradually,You can also prune the growth back AFTER if is done blooming - they are pretty tough. Or you can get some of the little white seeds when it blooms to plant or take cuttings.

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Thank you so much. I have a galvenized tub that I can put it in. I think it is a 10 gallon tub or larger. I will get some more good potting soil and do it now.. :) again, thanks alot!


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I fell in love with this wonderful fragrant plant. Its in a pot but has now gotten almost 4 feet tall. Is there anyway i could protect in for winter or is it essential that i bring it indoors. Im a little worried my cat or dog may eat the leaves indoors and i understand they are poison. I thought i could bring it in and cover it with a mosquitoe net to protect. Would it survive if i wrapped it in berlap outside and buried roots deep??

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