Color on Astilbe: Reinland and Visions

CassandraJuly 25, 2006

I had 6 astilbe planted last fall by Linders in a front garden re-do: Visions on the south facing side and Reinland on the east facing side. Both are in a mix of sun/shade. Here in late July and despite the drought they are growing beautifully and are clearly very healthy. However, the color on both types is not vibrant but faded looking. One is supposed to be a beautiful purple and one pink (can't remember which is which at the moment) but both are a very light rusty color and not feathery at all. Does anyone know why? Someone suggested to me that they haven't bloomed fully yet so the color will develop. I do notice that some of the smaller, almost hidden buds do have the vibrant color, but not the dominant flowers.

In checking to see whether this question had been answered before, I did find a similar post from last May--but no answers. I am confident that Linders sold me the correct plants but I'm new to this so don't know what to expect. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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virginia_w(z3 WI)

Visions comes in several colors, so I'm not sure which one you have. Actually, Visions is not feathery. The flowers are quite a bit thicker than most astilbes. I like it because the flowers seem to last longer than the feathery types. Mine were sort of dull this year too. Maybe it is the drought. In past years, they have been striking. In fact I planted more because they looked so good at this time of the year. Maybe next year will be better :)

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avidaloca(z4 mn)

I was unhappy with the color of my astilbe this year also.
Guess it just wasnt their year.....I find this happening with other flowers also.

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sjmarq(z4 MN)

Yes, mine were dull this year too and dried out dull brown much faster than years past. I'd guess your brownish ones are done blooming - they were probably prettier when newly unfurled but didn't hold the color. Gardening - an adventure in change.

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

This is very weird, I was the one that posted that my Astilbe just didn't have much color. Guess what, this year they had great color. Go figure.

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

Mine as well do not have the color to the blooms nor a convincing robustness to the foliage this year- I do believe most of my astilbe have done their best performance when the weather has been much cooler and more moist.
Although- the Goat's Beard Aruncus sent out the most lovely plumes this spring much to my surprise- They have always bloomed in the fall before- I do hope to get a repeat bloom this fall- but if things don't cool off and moisten up soon- I can see where many plants will be shutting down early this year-

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