Help ID'ing blue flowers

jel48(Z4 Michigan)July 23, 2007

Some of you may remember my neighbor, Sara, who was at the swap at my home the first week of June. She has some plants that have just started to bloom and she called me over to ask if I knew whether these were weeks or flowers. I say flowers! But, I can't ID them. They don't appear to be wildflowers, as they aren't on any of the online wildflower sources (including the MN DNR) that I checked out, and they're not in my MN wildflower book. So, I thought I'd ask you guys :-)

The blossums look kind of like forget-me-nots but this is a bigger, sturdier plant. The plants are about knee height (on me) or a bit taller. The leaves are not shiny.

Does anyone recognize them? Sara doesn't think they came from the swap, because they're not in the bed she planted the swap plants in. She has no idea where they came from. This was a new flower bed that they hauled in topsoil for, so they could be anything.

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One of the forget-me-nots, I'm sure. Myosotis Alpestris maybe? Alpestris blooms are clustered on a stalk and the leaf shape looks right.

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They look just like the chinese forget me nots in my garden. They are an annual and reseed in unlikely places.

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I agree with chinese forget me nots. I think the latin is cynoglossum amabile.


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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

Yep- Cynoglossum amabile, Chinese Forget me not.

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

Thanks Everybody! I'd say we have a positive ID :-) The seeds must have been in the topsoil that Sara put in that raised garden bed last summer.

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LOL...I was absolutely swimming in them all summer...and now their seeds are stuck to every sweater I wore in fall.

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