Trying to choose

maggiepie_gwJuly 20, 2014

Between Brother Stephan and Rhino Hide.
They both look fantastic but I can only have one of them ( at least this year)

Does anyone grow both of these and if so do you have a preference for either one and if so, why?

I've been picking one and changing my mind to the other for more than a week.

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Since RH is slower to get going....I'd get that one started. Besides how many cupped two-color blues are there.


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Brother Stephan.

Don B.

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Very tough choice.....when you can't decide remember There is always room for just one more!!

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

Well, I have both and I'd say it would matter more of what you already have in your garden, that would be what would make my decision. Do you have a lot of yellow centered hostas. Then go with Rhino Hide. Do you need some brightness? Go with Brother Stefan. That, and if you are patient or impatient. Here's my Brother Stefan

I'd have to say Brother Stefan is a really great hosta, fast grower, gorgeous and gets corrugated pretty early on, giving it a mature look quickly.

Rhino Hide is a slow one, but very unique, also. Thick substance (of course) and beautiful colors, but patience is needed.

If I were choosing, I think I would choose Brother Stefan. I just can't resist the brightness of that hosta, it looks like it is lit from within.

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I had not realized Brother Stephan turned so goldy in Summer. I love the spring colours but am not overly fond of gold hostas, have been looking at pics at the hosta library.

I love chartreuse, Rich Uncle and Choo Choo Train are looking really nice at the moment, despite the early frost damage, I can imagine how they would have looked without the damage.

Thanks for the help, have decided to go with Rhino Hide.

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Good choice. Its what I was going to recommend also. Mainly for the same reasons stated above. Slow grower, so get it going now. Please post pics when you get it!

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