Moon Flower cross pollination

iggymamaw(PA)September 3, 2004

I am a lover of Moon Flowers and plant several each year. This year I planted one seed in a bed that also contains Clematis. I noticed a vine with leaves that look like Moon Flower leaves, and began to vine it through the lattice. However, the buds are not Moon Flowers nor are they Clematis. They look like a cross between both, and I am eagerly awaiting opening to discover what the flowers will look like. They are similar to the Moon Flowers, but look as if they have color like the Clematis. Is it possible that they could have cross-pollinated and created a new version? Has anyone else ever had this happen? Thank you.

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robinny(z5 NY)

I to have experience this. I planted moon seeds with morning glory seeds and nothing happened. I thought too cold too wet something. then one day I noticed a plant. I assumed it would be a morning glory. the flowers come out in the morning and are a light very light blue, they have the moon flower star of darker blue, late late evening they turn pink and the next day they last a few hours then they drop. What Im wondering is how do you get seeds from these types of plant. I would love to do this again planted with the moon and morning glory

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taylor_tx(zone 8 TX)

What color is your clematis??
The moonflower probably didn't cross with the clematis(an entirely different species), but it is very likely that a bee, or other such pollinator, brought some pollen from another mg nearby, and they crossed, to give you a colored moonflower.
There is also a chance that your moonflower just put out a mutation.
What color are they turning out to be? Do you have any pictures?
I'd love to see it! Save the seeds from this one! I'd love to trade!

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