What will grow in sand?

redshoe(z5IL)January 3, 2006

Former owners of our house built a really big platform for an above ground pool. It's full of sand and is on the south side of the property. I thought it might be nice to turn it into some sort of planting area.

It's pretty big and would be a huge undertaking to try and replace all the sand with garden soil, is there any type of plants/grass that would grow well in sand. Perhaps I could mix some soil with the sand.

Would love all suggestions

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

Hi Redshoe,

I found this site that lists plants that like sandy soil, I'll give you the link below. If it was me seeing as how I like Cacti and Succulents I'd incorporate them into a planting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sandy Soil Plant list

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mckenna(Z5 Chicago IL)

Conifers also lilke having well drained soil. You can just mix in some topsoil & compost and have a great bed and grow most anything, except stuff that really likes water. Take advantage of the sand, it is better than clay.

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You can grow many things in sand. Many saliva species, and all xeric plants will love the sand. Check out www.highcountrygardens.com
All those plants will love your sandy soil. You can make it a very lush green garden with the plants they sell, or incoporate trunking yuccas which look very tropical, cacti, and agaves will also all love the sand.


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PMC_Nebraska(z5 NE)

I have an old sandbox built in to the ground from whnen my kids were little. I have been growing allysum there for about 4 years now.

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Live in New Brusnwick Canada. I have a backyard fill with sand due to a flood we had last year... I wanted to plant some tree or flower that would grow in the sand. Can you help me out... much appreciated.

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Plant a pine tree, or any type of conifer. I have also run across a list of plants that are drought-tolerant. But, you may also want to cross-reference them as to which are tolerant to the climate zone that you live in. New Brunswick has harsh winters.

Here is a link that might be useful: Can Plants Grow in Sand?

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