Can I prune a Moonflower Bush

rachaelf(z5 IL)September 25, 2005

Has anyone had luck pruning a moonflower bush to keep a nice shape. I planted one in between each of my potted cannas in my side yard, but they were so lush the branches started to grow into the walkway and onto the canna pots. I would like them to have a better shape if possible.


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sodbuster(7 OK)

I kept mine cut back, but only for the sake of space, not necessarily to shape them. However, the plants didn't seem to notice, as they continued to be beautiful. I have also found it's almost impossible to kill a Moonflower plant. Moonflowers, simply, will take up a lot of space. Next year mine will be farther from the house.

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I had to extensively trim ours about 3 times and it did not hurt them a bit. They just kept blooming. I too will find a better place to plant those large beauties next year.

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If you like more of a tree form like appearance. It can be single or multiple trunk by starting to thin
out some of the lower branches on the selected trunk. More pruning can be done in spring.

Ankrara's Hobby Corner

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