Moonflower plant ....seeds

Ablinob(z5 NY)September 25, 2005

So when do you remove the seed pod and what should it look like when the seeds are ready? Do you plant the whole thing??? I did that last year, when the pod was green. It did not come up. However, one came up where I did not plant.....I need some direction ....thanks

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sodbuster(7 OK)

For ME, I have found the pods break open when mature, THEN turn brown. I kept waiting for them to turn brown BEFORE popping open, like okra, and I waited too late. I picked one pod and watched it to see what it did and, from watching that pod, learned WHEN to take the pod. Now I have tons of seeds for next year, but will not need them. Inside each pod there are approximately 300 seeds.........yep I counted them!

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Wow! I'm in trouble then because I have 4 moonflower vines and that means that I'm gonna have moonflowers everywhere next year. I only planted 2 seeds that I can remember and these two are taking over the arbor, the front of the house, the bed, everything. Should I cut most of my seed pods off and discard?

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so do moonflowers self seed in my area?

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sodbuster(7 OK)

Oops! Sorry, I did not know your were talking of the VINE. I don't know about the vine, as I have the bush type, and only one vine. I had no blooms on my vine this year at all. I won't plant them again, but I WILL have the bush! Such beauties they are. My Moonflower bushes have already re-seeded and I have plants maturing now. I have thrown seed pods in all the areas I want flowers next year, AWAY from the house!

Sorry if I confused the subject.

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I have moon flowers in one of my flower beds, I want to capture the seeds so I can have them in others. I'm not sure when to get the seed pod (before it opens?), or do I take the whole seed pod off keep unitl spring to open it and plant? Please help?????? Also, do I nick the seed and when I try to germinate & should I do this with just paper towel and water or should I put in peat pots??

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Merishel(z5 NY)

Looks like there are a lot of us wondering the same thing! I am totally confused asto what to do re:our harsh winters. Am thinking I will try both ways if I can find a pod or 2 that has turned brown and then leave the rest to live on their own.

I am also thinking as I review the postings that there are different varieties - so perhaps what will work for some of us will not work for others - ya think?

I know one thing for sure - I sure don't ever wish to spend another summer without my moon flowers!


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catladysgarden(z5 CO)

Can someone tell me what genus you are referring to when you speak of "Moonflower". Some of you seem to be talking about Datura and others seem to be talking about Ipomoea. It can be confusing when more than one genus is given the same common name.

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sodbuster(7 OK)

Ipomoea is Morning Glory. There is a Datura vine as well as the bush.

I did not nick my seeds when I planted them. I just put them in potting soil. I planted them just for fun, in a pot with a Tangello I am growing from seed. I only wanted to see how long it would take for the Moonflowers to germinate. I pulled them up last night, and threw them away. They were about 6" tall. I found out what I wanted to know.

I have scattered thousands of seeds for next year. Wow! I can't wait. But some have already germinated. I understand they also come back from the root, so they will most likely be ok.

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catladysgarden(z5 CO)

SodBuster, Please give me the species name of the Datura that you say is a vine.

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catladysgarden(z5 CO)

Better yet, show me a picture of this Datura vine. I have seen several posts on this forum where Ipomoea alba,which is a white nocturnal flower of the morning glory family is referred to as Moonflower. I have also seen Evening Primrose, genus Oenothera, referred to as a yellow moonflower. I have also seen Brugmansia referred to as a Moonflower. Will the real "Moonflower" please stand up. I guess all I am trying to say is wouldn't it be easier to refer to these plants by their proper name instead of calling all of them moonflowers? I am trying to understand the naming conventions that are used on this forum. It is difficult to respond to something if you're not sure what plant the person is asking about.

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note; plant seed only when new moon phases

1 heat water to 95 f
2 put water in 1 cup
3 drop seed inside of the cup wjth hor water
4 wait 3 hour
5 sow the seed ,1 part potting soil 3 part top soil.
6 7 to 16 day enyoy your new moon flower

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Moonflower Vine, Giant White Moonflower, Moon Vine
Genus: Ipomoea alba
Family: Convolvulaceae
Species: Alba
Let the seed pod mature on the vine. When it starts to open simply cut off and store for next year. When the proper time comes for your zone then plant the seed where you want it to grow as they do not transplant well. Keep the soil moist. It'll take around 2-2.5 weeks for the seed to germinate. Once the vine starts to grow taller add a trellis to train the plant. Enjoy.

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