wiley0(4a)July 9, 2011

Prob a vine type cause the gardener who gave it to me said it grew very well up their garage trellis and they had it for over ten yrs. They cut it back to ground level and we dug out the root ball (approx 2' dia ball) last nite. I have it soaking in a dirt/mud solution now. Some of the roots are extending out from the ball.

I want to plant it near a 15' tall tree in a corner of the front fenced yard..It will not get as much sun as it had but should get 3-4 hrs now and more when it gets higher than the fence...can I cut the rootball in two and start two plants? Can I bury the rootball up to the tops and merely water it till fall and see how it does in the spring? And separate it then? or best to keep it intact?

Anything else I can do?...it will be in good garden soil that I have built up over several years i.e.compost, dirt, etc.

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Probably best to leave the rootball intact for now.

Do you like the tree it is going to be next too? The wisteria may eventually overtake the tree.

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after more research, I found out how prolific a climber this can be. So, I will move it to another tree, a chinese elm that I lopped off the top half (15') a couple of years ago and will again take off the large limbs that have since sprouted. The trunk is about a foot in diameter so this will be more than enough support if it does indeed take off. Might make an interesting 'new' tree.

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Good luck. I read years ago that is was known to take down garages as well as arbors.
gramma jan

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I can't believe it has been two months since I posted...time flies and now a frost/freeze for parts of the state. Well, one vine from this plant shot out and has already climbed up the tree about 12' ...I have to check out and see what else has sprouted from the clump I planted...come spring I will 'train' it....The tree is a Chinese Elm that is about a foot in diameter so no danger of it taking it down....

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Aunt Bee's Wisteria has been in the ground 3 years now. climbing like crazy, about 15 ft. but no blooms. I wonder when it might deceide to bloom? It's not suppose to be hardy here in zone 3, but so far it has been with just good snow cover .

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Try pruning it now before winter, prune back long spindly growth to leave a branch of 6 buds before reaching the main stem; then prune these same branches back again in early to mid April to 3 or 4 buds, to help create blooming spurs.

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