Rose recommendations for KC area

ziyakr(6)January 4, 2012

I am reworking my landscaping (such a fancy word for what's in my yard) and have spaces for 3 rosebushes. I'm planning on 2 double red knockouts (boring maybe, but I want a sure thing) and am looking for recommendations for the 3rd. I prefer large good looking shrubs that bloom alot but are easy to take care of, my sister is insisting on pink and likes the tea-rose look. I've been reading the rose forums and am getting a little overwhelmed...any local gardeners have favorites?

Thanks, Ziya

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You might consider Zepherine Drouhin, although I don't know about the tea rose look. It has a classic rose fragrance that is scrumptious. You will find it listed as a climbing rose, but in the KC area it doesn't act like a climber. I grow mine as bushes instead. I have 2 and they have done very well here. Adolf Horstmann isn't pink (it's a yellow blend) but it would look stunning against your Knock Outs. Horstmann has it all: lots of huge blooms, fragrance, and the blooms last a long time when cut. It's also got good resistance to black spot.

Good luck picking just one rose-- that's tough to do!

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I'd noticed Zepherine Drouhin in the catalogs, but find the idea of climbers intimidating...nice to know that it doesn't have to climb. The one I'm most seriously considering is a shrub/buck called Quietness. It'll be on the other side of the driveway from the Knockouts, assuming I can find one of course.

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Just to update...I did find a Quietness source and planted all 3 rosebushes about a month ago. All 3 have more than doubled in size, and the Quietness has 3 buds on it! Everyone says you should cut off the first few blooms to encourage growth, don't know that I have the courage for that LOL

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Hi ziyakr ~ how are your roses coming along after the unusual Summer we went thru? I posted on Rose Forum about the possible delayed reaction to the heat~wave & so many roses are indeed reacting in sad ways just when the cool-down is upon us. Then there is the threat of RRDisease ~ sigh!

I too planted & relocated a few roses this year & roses I got last year as babies were set in ground ~ many are still going thru the yellow foliage & some have black spots. My 2 beautiful Yellow Submarines blooms are getting attacked now by yellow lady-bugs that the JBs didn't even touch.

BTW I do clip blooms & new buds flush faster!

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