new moonvine lover! this is my first year.

perrynewbeginingSeptember 21, 2010

I got my moonvine started from the seed that my boyfriend's mother had given me. I saw her vine and was in awe, the blooms were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I was just tickled that they bloomed at night. Different than anything I had ever come across before. She told me to soak them in water,(didn't know about the filing or scoreing though)once it would open I was to plant it in the soil.

I soaked them for about 6 to 8 weeks changing the water and nothing happened. I got one that had sprouted from the seed and two more that hadn't from her since mine hadn't done anything and I just took a chance and planted them in soil instead. I watered them every day and checked on them every day and nothing. I gave up after about 1 1/2 months thinking I just didn't have what it took. But I kept watering them and checking on them every couple days just incase in hopes I was wrong. Low and behold, I finally had one pop up out of the soil and then another one. Then I planted another one in another pot and that one worked out fine.

So, after that I thought what if we take a clipping off of one and put it in water to get roots? That's something my mom used to do all the time when I was a kid. So, we tried it and it worked. It got several roots, so we planted and we are waiting to see how it comes along.

Okay, after all of that here is my question. I live in the NorthEast, M.D. area I keep my vines inside they were looking beautiful very green and full of life and blooming very beautifully but now all of a sudden they are getting yellow leaves and not looking so healthy. The only thing I can think of is, we have a problem with "stinkbugs" here inside and outside. and they seem to love my moonvines. can anyone help? any suggestions or answers as to what may be happening? could it be the stinkbugs? I've never known them to be harmful, they've never hurt any of my other plants. Help, I don't want to lose my moonvines they are soooo beautiful!!! Thanks!

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What Zone are you in? Mine are growing all over the place but no blooms?

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You soaked for 6-8 wks? That long a time probably caused the seeds to rot. They only need an overnight soaking to germinate, in a few days. And, nicking the seeds isn't necessary, when using the soaking method.

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ladyrose65, your soil is probably too fertile. I know, sounds crazy, right? Or maybe you just haven't waited long enough--has it been 60 days?

If you're fertilizing your moonflowers, you just have to stop. If not, I would wait and see how they do later.

Also, to the OP: I don't know about stinkbugs. As far as I know, one should soak them overnight or so in good water--I put mine under some pop can tabs to keep them gently submerged--and then try and plant them. Don't bother waiting for them to sprout in the water. I was able to get seeds from a store if you want to look for more of them. Don't know which store--look around.

However, if they have already sprouted, you don't need to worry about the seeds rotting from being soaked too long. You DO need to worry about the plant itself rotting, though--Moonflowers like well-drained soil. If it's constantly soaked, you might want to let it dry out more between waterings--don't worry, it shouldn't hurt the plant, they are tropical and used to that kind of thing. Don't let it dry out too long though. It's perfect when you can feel damp soil a few inches under.

Another technique I've heard of is where you take the pot (assuming it has that little drainage hole in the bottom, which it should) and put it in the sink. Then you turn on the faucet and basically rinse out the dirt. The water will run out of the hole; just leave the pot in the sink for a while and the excess will drain off. I've never tried it myself, but some people need to... I don't know if this helps you.

This is actually my first year of growing these guys too, but I've read up on them and I have experience with morning glories, which are related.

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