Are white seeds OK?

rogue73October 4, 2006

I have recently discovered that the alien looking bulbs on my vines are actually seed pods. I cut one open out of curiosity and discovered that there was one brown seed, like the ones that come in the packages you buy. The rest were white. I left the seeds sitting outside on a window ledge, some remained white some turned black. I removed most of these pods from my vines which have died and am keeping them in baggies inside, I have not cut anymore open. When is it ok to remove the seeds and are the white ones viable????

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It would help to know what plant these seeds came from, but I can give you some general advice anyway. Seeds need as much time to mature as possible, and it isn't considered good practice to remove them before their time. However, many plants are crafty, and even unripe seeds can sprout. Try planting the white seeds anyway, but let the other seeds mature on the plant. You might want to tie a paper bag over the pod so that it catches the seeds when the pod opens.

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