shallots falling over

leaveswave(.)July 27, 2008

(I tried this request over on the allium board, but haven't received any replies; I think they are all out at the pool! :-)

It seems a little early to harvest them. The stalks/leaves/whatever-you-call-'em are still almost all green. They were standing straight up until a couple weeks ago, now most of them are laying down.

Is it time to harvest, or wait for more browning on top?

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I would leave them alone for a while yet, as long as the tops remain somewhat plump and green. I'm growing shallots again this year, after many years of not, so can't remember if I treated them any different than onions.

Some years I get lazy and leave my onions in the ground until just before frost. They seems to keep just fine, just that you can't store them nicely braided since the tops are too flimsy by then.

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