What are you harvesting?

chillyinmn(3)July 5, 2006

What is everyone currently harvesting from their veggie gardens?

I went out today and picked a pail of Jalapeno's, and as soon as I find some fresh dill I have enough cuc's for a couple quarts of pickles. I am anxiously awaiting the first tomatoes of the season!!!

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Today I harvested my first tomatoes: two grape tomatoes. They were yummy. I've also been getting a dozen green beans (off bush plants) every three or four days for the past week or so. Only today did my husband finally insist that we "save them" until there was enough to cook (I'd been eating all the others raw, telling him "Oh, but you see, there's not enough here to bother with cooking"). ;)

I saw my first flower on the pole beans today, so they'll have beans soon. I have green bell peppers about three inches long and as big around as a golf ball. I think I'll let them fill out a bit more.

I've been picking onions whenever I needed them for some time now, though they're beginning to bulb out nicely now.

No tassles yet on the corn, but it's about five feet high and climbing. I have a lot of green tomatoes on the big boy, cherry tomato and the six determinants. I've been harvesting mint each week and I'm trying to figure out how to make use of the nasturtiums.

The potatoes are still well in the ground. The basil is growing madly (I only hope I can hold off flowering until I have some decent sized tomatoes to go with it). The carrots are growing slowly. Everything is still chugging along. No serious bug or disease problems.

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WOW! you really are chugging along!! I must say I am a bit jealous!!

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I've been picking a pound of green beans every day for the past 2 weeks.

The tomatoes are 5 feet tall and a jungle, lots of fruit though no ripe ones yet.

Lettuce is fantastic, but the snap peas were disappointing, weird year for them weatherwise.

Hot chili peppers are abundant and lots of the green guys are very well along.

I'm very happy with our gardening success. We used to live in a very shady bungalow. Now we have lots of sun and space and I love it!

Sorry for my bragfest. It's just so satisfying to see things grow as I'd like after 20 years of struggling in the shade.

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I picked an itty bitty summer squash today and felt good about it, although I've been harvesting plenty of basil for weeks. My kohlrabi is ready to harvest, also.

Your garden is remarkable! When did you begin planting? My garden wasn't in until quite late...actually VERY late: the first week of June! It is remarkable that I'm getting anything at all just a month later. Everything is healthy and robust and in blossom, so I know harvesting WILL begin, in spite of me!

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I am jealous of all of you! Being in the woods, growing ANY veggies is a struggle for me! I have two green bell pepper plants in, but peppers are still only about the size of peas, several tomatoes in pots so I can move them to keep them in the sun, I have several romas coming along and a few cherry toms, but the slicers are still only flowering. Some critter got all my strawberries this year, and I am lucky to harvest a handful of raspberries every couple days off my 40+ raspberry plants. seems I am sharing them with the wildlife as well!
Basil is finally showing some signs of progress, chives are huge as is the oregano.

Linda....sulking off to the farmers market

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

Yup- that's it so far.
Lettuce has bolted- Spinache has sprung-
I guess I've been busy- just having fun-
I guess I should clear some away and see if I can find the tomatoes and peppers and herbs and such.....

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I've been harvesting a ton of mesclun greens and Bibb letttuce, and quite a few Bush Crop cucumbers, 3-4" long. I've had about 15 cherry tomatoes, but no grape or slicers ready yet, and my big cukes are still only a couple of inches long. Carrot tops are about 4 inches tall, the peppers are flowering and the pumkins are sprawling all over the place. My radishes never did anything, just turned red on the stem and then nothing. My sugar snap peas were snipped off at the base of the stem by an unknown marauder, leaving something like a murder scene, with the little vines still clinging to the trellis! They are attempting a comeback, but I'm not holding out a lot of hope. My herbs are doing beautifully, though my cilantro I'm about to give up on, because it just won't stop flowering. This is my first year gardening since I was a child, so I'm pleased so far. My tomatoes are over six feet tall in their cages! Now I just have to keep the kids from eating everything as it ripens!

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I am really impressed with everyone elses' gardens! I think that your thumbs must be much greener than mine...my tomatoes are only about 2 1/2 feet tall and my beans are just flowering!! :( At least I still have my cuc's, though I dont think anyone can screw those up!!!

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selkie_b(z4 MN)

Pole beans started producing this week! I have peppers coming - one is ready for green eating if I need it before it ripens. My tomatoes are all catching up finally, thank goodness! My charentaise melons are going to take over - covered in blossoms too.


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carmellia(z 4 Minn)

I allow my lettuce to sow itself, so I usually have lettuce as soon as the snow melts off it. It is black seeded Simpson.

Radishes were a disappointment. I am picking both yellow and green beans. I've had 4 zuccini. But, best of all, I have been picking raspberries for about 2 weeks now. Last night, I picked a full 2 cups!

I had one handful of new potatoes last week when one of my plants was broken off by someone or something - about 7 little red potatoes (a bigger treat than caviar).

Carrots are still tiny, beets are still tiny, tomatoes have lots of buds and little greenies, peppers are very tiny. I've been picking peas, but I didn't plant enough to do much with them. I throw what I have into a 7 layer salad instead of celery.

Very soon I will have cukes big enough to pick. Carmellia

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Unfortunately, my little patio garden didn't live up to my hopes. While the plants look great, they're not producing much. I've gotten 4 cherry tomatoes and enough lettuce for one salad. The patio tomato and peppers aren't even flowering. I do have hopes for "the little pumpkin vine that could". I do have one eggplant that's doing really well. This surprises me because I planted it expecting nothing and here's this one eggplant that's just doing great. I think next year I will rent one of the garden plots here, though. There's just not enough sun or room to really get anything to produce on our patio. But, my daughter loves doing flowers, so I'll turn it over to her for a flower patio next year instead.

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selkie_b(z4 MN)

POLE BEANS! and they are SO good!

Violet Podded Stringless, and they are handling this heat very very well, giving me nice waves of gorgeous beans that are of good size but NOT tough... mmmmmm!

Tomatoes (late of course, but then you all know that story) and peppers are doing amazingly well - toms are huge and covered in babes and blooms. My Charentes melons are scary - they have completely covered their trellises and have several lovely little melons on them.


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