Why doesn't my night blooming jasmine fill the air with scent?

sunrisegirl(8a East Tx)October 11, 2002

It has bloomed a couple of times now, but the scent is so faint that I have to put my nose right down to the flowers to get any smell!!!!!@@@@@@?????

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Wrong species?

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

I have read a number of posts on the Fragrant forum about these plants. Seems the consensus is that it takes some maturity to produce a stronger fragrance and there may be a "peak" time for when they are really wafting fragrant - apparently some time late at night all the way into early morning. Apparently diurnal forces are at work and number of degrees difference between day and night temps has an influence...

Or, it could be the wrong species.... LOL

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It's fragrance doesn't necessarily "fill" the air; it takes off in the direction of the wind, however slight the wind may be. I can be 2 ft. away from mine in full bloom and not smell it, yet I can walk 60 ft. away and find the fragrance lingering strongly there. In a confined space I think you'd find it a bit overpowering (but that's a GOOD thing!) LOL!


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nightbloomer(Z10 S.CA)

I keep hearing this and can't believe this is the same Night Jasmine I know, since I've never come across one that doesn't have intensely fragrant flowers. Check your I.D.s on the plant. The Night Jasmine I'm referring to is Cestrum Nocternum. The flowers become fragrant as soon as it is dark when the flowers are fully open.

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sunrisegirl(8a East Tx)

Yes, my plant is Cestrum Nocternum. That was what the tag said when I bought it and also I ID'd it on hortiplex. It just doesn't make much smell, you have to get your nose right on it to smell anything. I have it right by my door thinking I'd get to smell it a lot.... Maybe I go to bed too early, during the week I'm usually in bed by 10 so maybe missed it?

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It's also possible that this particular scent doesn't "register" with your olfactory senses. For instance, I can smell just one bloom of Osmanthus fragrans, I can smell it way before I ever see it while DH can't smell it at all. It's weird, but some aromas just get right by us.

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This may sound wierd, but I planted 4 of these plants on the east side of my house.
They recieved morning sun till about 1pm. They bloomed, but I never smelled them.
Had a garden club visit my yard and one of the lady said
"Honey, you have to plant them on the west side of your house where they get afternoon sun.
Than any wind that passes by, will carry their scent right by your front or back doors."
So I dug them up and moved them. Now when they bloom, I smell them! - I mean REALLY smell them!!! So much we can't hardly sit out on the porch or open the window when they are in full bloom. Very intoxicating - but I LOVE THEM!!!......cheryl

Here is a link that might be useful: jasmine blooms

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Julesagain(Z8 GA)

If the atmosphere is very dry the smell will be less intense.
Also afternoon sun would influence the night/day cycle for the plant, so it doesn't sound weird to me. Sounds lovely!! My porch is on the east side of my house, so I only get morning sun.

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Spanish Jasmine ( jasminum grandiflora , I believe ), Has scent both during day and night, but it is much stronger by night. I´ve noticed that if day is hot the scent is stronger that night...don´t know why...Perhaps you could try this. The only problem is that it cannot tolerate frosts. you need to protect it or bring it inside during a hard winter.

From my point of view is an adorable plant worth to try.


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Is there anyone of you who would be willing to share either seeds or a cutting from your fragrant Night Blooming Jasmine. I'll pay the postage. I can't find them here in the Atlanta area but did just buy a couple of Confederate Jasmines @ Wal-Mart yesterday. They were under $4 about 2 feet high. I want a strong smeller for my front yard which is on the westside of the house as is my bedroom on the second floor...should put me to sleep within minutes, lol.

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If your NBJ isn't fragrant, dump it and get another. They're fragrance bombs. I have a cutting from Logees, growing in my spare bedroom under a HID light. It was bushy and about 4 feet tall at 4 months of age. It bloomed last March. When the light went out, an intense smell began wafting out of the spare room. My wife was complaining and I was getting dizzy, so I left the door to the spare room half closed. Just enough fragrance wafted into the rest of the apartment to smell OK to me, but a little unbearable for my wife. I thought it smelled like hand lotion from a distance, and like a mix of honey and dog food up close. The fragrance lingered through the next day, and could be detected outside our front door.

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Ana53(Tx7a/8b sun33)

I too am looking for cuttings of this beauty. I've also heard it refered to as Queen of the Night.

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Get yourself a Spanish Jasmine or Arabian Jasmine. These are very highly scented during the day and night. Although seem to me at strongest during early evening. These are possibly the strongest scented Jasmine available hence the use of them by locals all over the Greek islands and my god are they strong over there. Try planting a strong honeysuckle nearby too as the mix of both is wonderful. hope that helps. Posted by An Englishman trying to capture the scent of southern Europe in his garden and not doing too bad.

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LaBella(Z7 BC)

I found a Spanish Jasmine growing along a footpath, reglarly walked on, never fertilized or protected from frosts, and thriving! The fragrance is what attracted me, and when I saw the conditions it was growing under, well, I knew it would fit right into my garden!
I looked around for rooted babies, and found 2, dug them up,(leaving the mother plant in place). 2 years later and they have started blooming, with a stronger fragrance in the evening. I don't fertilize them, planted them in ok soil and left them out in the frosty coastal winters, all the abuse they could stand and they came out smelling.
If you think Spanish Jasmine can't take frost, it can take some, not a deep freeze, but some snow. Perhaps you give yours too soft a life, mine dry out regularly, get soaked in our monsoons,and to top it all off,on a third floor balcony that faces north, they live in pots, not the ground. I have found that many fragrant plants, esp herbs actually have a more pronounced flavor and fragrance when they need to struggle...

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floatinflowers(z4 minnesota)

hello everyone!
I'm up here in Minnesota and my night blooming jasmine is in the west kitchen window. To get more, I take some of the smaller cuttings and put them in water.This year for the first time,it has small berries on it.But it isn't growing or blooming this winter like it usually does.It is a wonderful plant and I'm so happy I found it!

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I have Cestrum Nocturnum that I planted a week ago. It gets sun from 11am til about 6pm. I water them daily. They look very healthy in the morning and evening, but in the heat of the day that look very droopy. Should I move them to the shade?

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I am confused now! Does the Cestrum Nocturnum need a lot of sunlight to bloom. Mine is on the northwest corner of the garden and has flowers on them but I have not had any fragrance. It was labeled as such when I bought it - does it need to be where more air flows by it? Help!

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Mine doesn't have fragrance at all! Has grown vigorously since April outside in Maryland, alot of sun. No scent at all. It's about 4 feet tall, lots of tiny blooms, could pretty easily be confused with a weed. Bought in a nursery early April in Stuart, Florida. I'm very disappointed of course, but I'll live. I have had some successes. A "volunteer" Flying Saucer morning glory is pretty as can be. My Iceberg roses are blooming and growing nicely.

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I have the same problem. My cestrum nocturnum is really full of blooms. Due to our crazy fall I did bring it indoors about two weeks ago. It bloomed really full, but not a bit of aroma.

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