New full sun hostas, or need some nutrients?

BungalowMonkeys(6-VA)July 15, 2014

Wasnt sure if this should be on the full sun pic thread or a new one. Just went the local garden center and grabbed 3 hostas they had on sale. The large one is fried green tomatoes, niagra falls, and then touch of class. When I did a search for these hostas to see full grown pics, the colors were very different. Easy to assume these must have been full sun hostas with the lime color? Or should I be giving them some nutrients when I plant them?

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Something's lacking on the Fried Green Tomatoes and Niagra Falls. The leaves should be a lot greener. They look like they have been exposed to way too much sun. I'm not familiar with touch of Class. I think once planted in the right location, they should do fine next year.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

why not fried bananas??? see at library ...

can you detect any fragrance on that flower on FGT???

and if that name is wrong.. why should i believe NF is NF???

if a dark green hosta like NF is that yellow.. it would be near death ... and that is not one struggling hosta ... i question the name.. but i offer no alternative ....

i am sorry. but i can not contemplate.. that those rather well grown.. one huge hosta.. has something lacking ...


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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

This is a real head-scratcher to me. The leaf shapes are right on, but the colors are waaaaayyy off, you are right about that. The weird thing is I don't see any signs of sunburn or anything like that that would normally point to a hosta being in a lot of sun in zone 6. Maybe they were just shipped in from a lower zone, but that still doesn't account for the color changes. They look healthy, if I didn't know what color they should actually be. Looks like they've been sitting in a beautiful morning sun spot, with just enough shade to make them happy. Very strange.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

What if they are Fried Bananas and Dancing Queen?

I can't find how many pairs of veins DQ has, but Niagara Falls is supposed to have 15 or 16. Anyone have a Dream Queen that is mature and can count veins? Mine went back to juvenile over the winter, so mine won't be correct.

Still great hostas, no matter the name.


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mstrecke(z8 Seattle)

Touch of class looks right, just a bit of the blue melted off.

The other two are as everyone else has said off in color but look healthy. NF looks like my immature Sea Gulf Stream.

This time of the year nursery stock is often low and some of the plants end up miss labeled after a season of people pulling out tags to read then (miss) replacing them...

I would back to the place you bought them from and see if you can get a copy of the list of the hosta they had in stock this year. Maybe you can do a bit of detective work / determine if they were miss labeled.


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I took that pic and loaded it to the post with my phone. Didn't get a good look at it before posting. Hard to see the screen with the sun hitting it. The plants certainly look a little more yellow than they are. This pic was taken with a camera and has the color a more apple green when they are closer to a lime color. Love it whatever it is, very pretty.

I can't smell any fragrance yet on the flower. Does it matter if it is open or not?

The lady that owns the nursery is super nice. Thats a great idea asking for a list. Plus it would be interesting to see what they carried before I started plant shopping.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

They don't smell until they open. Then, they seem to smell the most during the heat of the day. At least at my house, they smell the most then.


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If the ruffly one is not too too big, and is really that yellow, I'd say it could be the lovely Sea Gulf Stream and not Niagara Falls. Here is Sea Gulf Stream recently. It has been very very yellow, holds its leaves almost flat, not like a water fall.

Now, I'm not sure that is Fried Green Tomatos. For one thing, it has a lavender flower bud. FGT has a white flower totally white. It might be a similar fragrant hosta, but not one from the Guacamole SPORTS line, which all have WHITE FLOWERS. Very good that it is in bloom which will make it easier to determine what it is NOT.

The Fried Green Tomatos

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mstrecke(z8 Seattle)

I have seen a bunch of funky - too blue pictures posted of Hosta before.

Your second picture still seems a little yellow/light, but are much more within the realm of the colors the Hosta variety name on the label should be.

I am willing to bet that this one could be chalked up to your camera distorting the colors. The plant / leaf shapes match what the plants were tagged as, the colors were just off.

If you can get your hands on another picture taking device for another shot to post, or go to the Hosta library and let you own eyes in natural light be the judge.


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bragu_DSM 5


At least at my house, they smell the most then.

taken out of context ⦠ROTFLMAO


dave (just had to chortle loudly)

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Just went to snap a pic of the flowers. They are white and have a very nice smell to them. A good camera is certainly something I need to invest in. I've been using the same digital camera for 6 years, which pretty much makes it ancient.

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Love the color in that sea gulf stream. This one isnt that yellow, but certainly not the dark green. Here is another pic.

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BungalowM, Margaret makes a good point about trying another camera.

I have an ASUS tablet that always takes COOLER pictures. And then the Nikon point/shoot takes close to normal if the sunlight is not afternoon time. The new Samsung S5 Galaxy is a 12mp camera and it is the newest thing I have, don't really have it nailed down yet. It is quite touchy and I take wild pictures as I go frolicking through the hosta, it goes off and I get shots of the strangest elbow was the weirdest looking one! But the color depends on time of day also. I really like morning shots the best, except for twilight before the sun sets completely. That hour of day is extremely moody, and seems to suit the blues best.

There is a link somewhere to taking good plant photos. I'll have to track it down and bump it up for you.

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