Moonflower seeds

maddiemac2003(z6 OK)October 24, 2005

Hi Everyone-

I am wondering if anyone can tell me if you can reseed the seeds that moonflowers make after the flower falls off. If you can reseed in the spring, does anyone know how to preserve the seeds until spring? Please help! Thank you.

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catladysgarden(z5 CO)

Are you talking about Datura or Ipomoea?

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maddiemac2003(z6 OK)


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I have seeds on my moonflower and do not know when to take them off and how to care for them. Please pass on any ifo you may have.

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I have a moonflower growing in my room and it has a thing and I think it has seeds in it, how do moonflowers spread their seeds? 'cause I'm not sure what to do.

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Maryanne531(z7 NJ)

Got moonflower seeds? Great! Now, refrigerate them in a plastic bag until you are ready to plant them outside. Yes, they seem to require that chilling. Or, plant them outside in a pot and wait for them to sprout in spring.

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ok great so do i just pull the pod thing off?

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paradisi(Sunshine Coast)

the seeds are in a dark brown, dry pod - crack the pod in your fingers to get the three or four white seeds.

I keep the seeds in a plastic jar and I don't refrigerate - we live in a sub tropical, coastal area similar to florida coastal or hawaii.

There doesn't seem to be a problem with propogating the seeds straight from the plastic jar and they keep for months.(sorry Maryanne531)

good luck with one of the nicest garden plants around



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I also don't refigerate either my MG's or the Moonflower seeds. Though I do wait until the seed pod is brownish, sometimes if I wait too long they become moldy. I open the seed pod and spread them out onto a cookie sheet, making sure there is only one layer. The white seeds turn brown or black and they shrink quite a bit. Then I keep them either in an old prescription bottle or a film cannister, making sure both are throughly washed and DRY before using.
My seeds have lasted for years this way and I've never had a problem with them germinating.

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okay here it goes from a new grower, I soaked my moon flower seeds for 24 hrs., than planted them in a container outside. How long should I have to wait to see any growth? Am a lot excited, but not getting my hopes way up. I know you learn from your first mistakes. Thanks

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Hi everyone I'm really excited,planted my seeds on Sinday and her we are on thursday and I have sprouting.Was really scared,but not no more.Read others say to plant in a circle,seems to have worked.Now I just need to figure out how to vine them to my 3 ft.divider fence so I can weave them back and forth.Also is this going to prolong blooms from coming,since they won't be getting very much height?My morning glories did wonderful last year like this.

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My name is Ted and I am new to this web site, but it does look like the place to be. I am retired and not too much of a gardener, but I am learning.

MOON FLOWERS , as far as I know are basically two types, The vine like Morning Glory called Ipomoea, and a small plant, some are calling a bush, that grows about 2+ feet in height with equal width called Datura. It is the latter than I am familiar with.

I purchased a pot containing three plants two years ago and was amazed at the large white flowers that opened at night, I live in central New Jersey and no one in my neighborhood had ever had any and everyone wanted one. Having a BROWN thumb I was certain that they would not last long, but they did, flower after flower until late fall.
Each flower that dies formed a prickly ball type sphere that if left on the plant would split open and drop seeds.

I picked these pods as they turned brown but before they split open, brought them in the house and let them finish drying out. I then split open the pods and removed the hundreds of seeds, placing them in a plastic container that some Won Ton soup came in.
They sat on top of my dishwasher, which is next to a window, all winter and up to early April.

I have a large pedestal type pot at my front door that we plant every spring with annuals, I told my wife I needed to use it before she planted. I mixed in some all purpose plant fertilizer in the old potting soil/top soil mixture that was left from the previous year and took about 20-25 seeds and just mashed them into the loose soil. Some could still be seen and others not when I was finished. I soaked/drowned the pot with so much water some of the seeds was floating on the water.

I soaked this pot daily until I could actually see little plants punching up in the dirt, at that time I just kept the dirt wet, not moist, but wet from then on. I harvested about 15-18 plants that are now about 1.5 feet high and growing. No I do not need all those plants, but not too shabby for Mr. Brown Thumb. I have given all but 4 away; Those 4 will give me more seeds than I will ever need for next year.

This unscientific method has worked for someone who could not grow rice in Japan for two years now. I hope it helps you. This is a plant, with large trumpet like white flowers.

If any of you have any seeds of different color flowers I would love to exchange some with you.

Teddy P

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Hi Ted,

I have a purple moonflower that sounds just like your white one. Would you like to trade some seeds?


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i just let the seeds fall then in the spring i cut the plant off and till seads and pod under.they come back up.
where did you get the purple ones?

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