Vine type Moonflower overwintering?

carlanne(7 NJ coastal)October 12, 2010

Is it possible to keep a pot of vining moonflowers through the winter in a partially warm shed? Has anyone had experience doing this? I overwinter elephant ears, and canna in pots in this shed which contains a big water heater but no light of any sort. The EE and canna come back in the spring when I take them outdoors.

I'd like to try the same treatment on a couple of pots of established moon flower vines, cutting them back just before frost, mulching them and keeping them in the shed. Anyone have any thoughts? They take so long to bloom when I start them from seed here so I thought I'd try this. Thank you for any advice or reports of sucess or failure.

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Should be possible, since they are tender perennials by nature. Not sure about watering during dormancy, but hope you tried to carry them over to this year. I've wondered about that being successful myself. Did you try? Showing any regrowth or still dormant?

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I was just wondering the same thing! I grew mine from seed this year and they didn't start flowering until late August and now it's getting cold here in MA so I don't think they will last much longer outside.

Also, how do you overwinter you EEs? I am anxious to do this too since there are some amazing specimens at my local garden center on sale but I don't want to buy them and see them die next year.

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