Yellow MoonFlower

jenawOctober 25, 2007

Hiya, I have been searching the web to find out what I have, and to find out it is not a moon flower. It is a prime rose I believe. There is a picture of it that someone else posted. My question is,, how to I keep this going indoors? I bought it in Oriskany, NY in June and have had it potted ever since. It did bloom once about 3 days after I got it. It then had a bud, but it just wilted and died. It kept green and going, on the balcony and then I brought it inside about 2 weeks ago, and it was fine.....until today! It has wilted overnight and I don't know what to do. It is inside by a window that gets direct and indirect sunlight. Can anyone recommend what the watering and light should be for this guy? Should I have him inside? Help us!

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Is that the same as a primrose? If yes, this link may help:

Primroses for Indoors
Primroses can be used to bring a unique touch of spring indoors in the winter. The key to getting the most out of an indoor primrose plant is to keep it where it receives bright light (but not direct sunlight), stays evenly moist and as cool as possible. In our winter climate, a sunny window that has a sheer curtain is almost always bright and cool. Direct morning sunlight is great, but avoid the afternoon sun. Ideal temperatures for an indoor primrose are mid-60ºs during the day and mid-50ºs at night. If you can't keep your primrose where it is cool, be sure to keep the humidity high. This can be accomplished by placing the plant on a humidity tray and misting the leaves (not the flowers) regularly. Primroses are sturdy plants that seldom have any insect or disease problems, but it is always advisable to be watchful. If the leaves get dusty, rinse them off with room temperature water. Keep in mind that while primroses need to stay consistently moist they cannot tolerate soggy soil.

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