When/How to harvest moonflower seeds?

barbara_g(z7 AL)October 6, 2003

This has been my first year to grow moonflowers and I'm absolutely in love! My children and I have enjoyed watching the sphinx moths around the blooms in the late evenings. I count the blooms at night...and on a full moon, they're spectacular! My highest count so far was 24 blooms! I have them along a fence row.

Now I'm beginning to see lots of seed pods. When and how should I harvest the seeds? I would love to grow them next year also...so would all my friends who have seen mine!


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I just opened up one of my seedpods, which was turning brown, and was surprised----it only had 2 large, what I guess, are seeds in it. They're huge. And a teardrop shape. I'm hoping I can find my old seed packet and see what the original seeds looked like----I just remember it saying--large fragrant flowers---Moonflower.

Anyway, it's my understanding that the pod should have turned brown to harvest the seeds. Good luck with them!

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barbara_g(z7 AL)

Well, I do remember the seeds being large and brown...can't remember if they were teardrop shape or rounded. Maybe we'll need all those seed pods after all with only two seeds per pod!...I wanted to give some to friends. I remember buying at least two seed packets to have enough for my fence, so there were probably only ten or so seeds per packet.

Thanks for the information!

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skippy05(z7 PA)

The MoonFlower vine seeds are white & look like white chocolate covered raisins.

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Harvest them when the pods turn brown and the seeds rattle on the inside. You should have more than PLENTY to give to friends. I must have a hundred seed pods on each vine .... Some of the pods have 4 seeds some have two.

I am looking forward to having TONS of vines next year!!

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