Evening/Fragrant Gardening Books

delecie(Z10b Homestead)November 15, 2002

EVENING GARDENS is a book published in 1993 by author Cathy Wilkinson Barash. It contains the following chapters:




Sculpture& Silhouette

Textured Bark

Flowers Aglow at Sunset

Bright Flowers

Pale Flowers on the Ground

White Flowers

Night Bloomers

Silver Foliage

Foliage for Contrast

Fragrant Plants

Stars of the Evening Garden



FRAGRANCE in BLOOM was published in 1996 by author Ann Lovejoy. It contains the following chapters:

1. Creating Fragrance Effects in the Garden

2. The Scents of Spring

3. Summer Fragrances

4. Autumn Fragrances

5. Winter Scents

6. Night-Fragrant Plants

I found these books and others that I am using to create my Evening/Fragrant garden at my public library. :-)

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Rosereb(Z5 NE MO)


Thanks for posting your list. After Christmas I hope to have more time to dream about an evening/fragrant garden. You have given some good places to find inspiration.


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I just came across this forum, and I must add to your list "The Evening Garden: Flowers and Fragrance from Dusk Till Dawn" by Peter Loewer. Published in 1993 by Macmillan. It is my favorite garden book, ever---filled with the author's drawings and poetry along with his information about plants I never knew about. At the time he was living in New York state but I think now he is in North Carolina.
The Beauty of the Night; Night Fragrance and Night-Fragrant Flowers; Night-Fragrant Orchids; Night-Fragrant Bromeliads; Annuals and Perennials for the Evening Garden; Night-Blooming Daylilies; Evening Primroses and Other Nocturnal Wildflowers; Water Gardens and Water Lilies of the Evening; Night-Blooming Cactuses; Night-blooming Tropical Vines and Trees; Plants that Look Like They Should Bloom at Night; The Moonlight Garden; Fireflies and Glowworms; Lighting for the Evening Garden.
Good luck finding a copy. I treasure mine.

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seth(z5 coastal ME)

A couple more to try:

"The Fragrant Year" by Helen Van Pelt Wilson and Leonie Bell, Published 1967 M. Barrows & Co. Chapters: This Fragrant World, Classification of Scents, Fragrant Possibilities for the Winter Garden, Spring Scents of Shrubs and Trees, From Early Bulbs and Small Perennials, Sweetest Shrubs for Early Summer, Fragrant Trees and Vines for May and June, Pinks Peonies and Iris, Just Roses, Fragrant Lilies Old and New, On Eevery Summer Breeze, A Midsummer Night's Garden, Aromatic Herbal Scents, Pleasures of Potpourri, Autumn Aromas, For Cool Winter Gardens, etc. Nicely written book.

Scent in The Garden by Frances Perry. Pub Webb & Bower 1989.


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newdoc62(z7b SC)

Peter Loewer's book is back in print!! Grab it while you can--I agree, it's fantastic and inspiring.

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These are the ones I know about. I'd be interested in knowing about any others that exist.

An Aromatic Garden Wherein May be Found Herbs of a Fragrant Savour and Also Sundry Flowers of Sweet or Bitter Scent Used By Our Forefathers Cambridge: The Abbey Press, MCMXL

Allardice, Pamela. The Scented Garden. Angus & Robertson, 1992

Bales, Suzy. Garden Of Fragrance. ReganBooks, 2000

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Barash, Cathy Wilkinson. Evening Gardens. Charters Publishing Ltd., 1993

Beckett, Kenneth A. Fragrant Plants. Salem House, 1989.

Bird, Richard. The Scented Garden. Stewart Tabori & Chang, 2000

Bonar, Ann. Fragrance Letts Guide To Garden Design. Abbeville Press, 1993

Bradley, S. And V. Fragrant Gardening, Murdoch Books, 2002

Bremness, Lesley. Fragrant Herb Garden.

Brennan, Georgeanne Fragrant Flowers : Simple Secrets for Glorious Gardens - Indoors and Out (A Garden Style Book) Chronicle Books, 1994.

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Brownlow, Margaret. Herbs and the Fragrant Garden. Darton, Longman & Todd, 1963

Burbidge, F. W. The Book of the Scented Garden. John Lane The Bodley Head Ltd., 1923 (1905).

Church, Glyn. Trees and Shrubs For Fragrance. Firefly Books, 2002.

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Dunn, Olive. Delights Of A Fragrant Garden In New Zealand. Random Century New Zealand Ltd., 1991.

Fletcher, H.L.V. The Fragrant Garden. Garden Club Book, 1965.

Genders, Roy. Perfume in the Garden. Museum Press,

Genders, Roy. Scented Flora of the World. Robert Hale, 1994 (1977)

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Irvine, Susan. Fragrant Roses.

Joseph, Jenny. Led By the Nose: A Garden of Smells. Souvenir Press, 2002

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Lacey, Stephen. Scent in Your Garden. HaperCollins, 1995 (1991)

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Salem House, 1987.

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Cottage Gardens and Fragrant Plants. Universal Magazine, 1993.

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