What moon flower is this?

catrinaNovember 5, 2003


I got a seed pack in trade last year and it was labled just moon flower. I thought it would be regular datura, but instead it was much shorter; maybe a foot to 15" and the flowers were white, very fragrent and at least 6" across. The seed pods are spiny like a datura but they hang down instead of pointing up and the seeds are tan disks instead of the little black ones. Does anyone know what the scientific name for this plant would be.



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sammiandfargo(z6 PA)

Maybe it's Angel's trumpet.

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I got seeds just like this in a recent trade, and after reading your description, I cheated--and asked on the Name That Plant forum. Rosemarie thought it might be datura innoxia, so I'm linking a picture. I would be curious to know if this is your plant.

Here is a link that might be useful: datura innoxia

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KimbosYard__DFW(Z8 DFW)

My datura innoxia looks just like Jeanne's picture and the seeds are tan, rather than black.


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Hi everyone,
Thanks so much to everyone who replied. Yup, the plant is datura innoxia. When sammi first replied I was thinking, that's what we call regular old big datura here, but I see that it is also a common name for this plant. The photo on Jeanne's link looks like it but I still wanted to see the plant in flower. There is a great photo on hortiplex by TyChO which beautyfully shows the flower. I can almost smell it. The only thing is I think the photo is upside down as the flowers hang down from the stems. Then when kimbo said the seeds were tan, that sealed it. Know I know. Does anyone want to trade for another great smelling white flower, that would be sutiable for WI, other than datura or moon vine? I also reciently recieved a white sweet pea so don't need that. I've heard mignunet(I know this is spelled way wrong, but don't want to look it up right now) is very fragrent. Does anyone know if it comes in white? How about fragrent white 4-o'clocks?
Thanks again y'all.

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