Harvesting Moonflower Seeds after Frost

pfr4(7)November 14, 2004

This has been my first year of growing moonflowers and I really had good success. I have been harvesting the seeds daily whenever I find a dried seed pod that "rattles." However, we had our first frost this year and now the leaves are withered and dropping. I wonder if the still hundreds of seed pods will produce useable, or mature seeds. Right now, they are no longer firm, as before, but have some softness (I assume from freezing and thawing.) Are the seeds I've collected to this point most likely the only mature seeds I'll have from this season? I guess I'll just let the pods continue to hang and dry and see what happens. What have other people found about harvesting seeds. Thanks so much for your help!

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potty(7long island)

i plucked mine before the first frost and after they dried the only ones that looked ok were the ones that were dried before i picked them. the others were shriveled and or moldy. oh well.

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