Crepe Myrtle

bon321(6)November 7, 2011

Hi! I joined today because I read some of the great posts about Crepe Myrtles. I am a 68 year old woman who is a fairly new gardener. I just started about 8 years ago. I think I've been lucky and I've planted a lot of Perrenials. However, I've wanted a a bush or tree of this kind for a few years now and I finally was able to get a small one. I thought I did everything I was supposed to do but it died. However, I saw some small green shoots coming up from the bottom and I let them grow. Lo and behold, I got some flowers from these small (approx.) 8" shoots this year. My question is should I cover it for the Winter or just put extra mulch on it and let it alone?


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Brad Edwards

Just mulch it lightly, if its a crape myrtle and its hardy/watered enough it will grow just about no what you do, sometimes they have offshoots that have new growth but are hard to transplant at small stages unless in the early spring or fall.

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